Elegant style

The only area in clothing that is outside of time, fashion trends, moods and trends of world podiums, it’s elegant style. Because it is the basis of refinement, sense of proportion and taste. And these qualities never go out of fashion. Today on the pages of the website for women Stylish, you will get all the answers to the questions associated with that style.

Lady elegance

Often, pronouncing the word “elegance“, we do not even think about what it means for sure. Try yourself to answer this question. Get something like, well, elegant – this is … simply elegant. But let’s face it. It turns out that in Latin, the word literally means “to choose”. Everything is so easy… and not really at the same time.

Between what and what to choose, preferring elegant style? And generally, what to wear to this direction of clothing, because we select something every day. And every day, safely convinced that in our lives are invisibly present two problems: nothing to wear and nowhere to hang. So, what is lady elegance?

And then, maybe, we think that we are dressed in this sophisticated and high style, and in actual fact people look and think: “Here is a young lady, the light scattered taste separately, the brain separately.” But it’s nothing us and “not scattered”, we just have this image.

In short, in order not to get into a similar scrape, consider the following points.

I choose elegant style

A girl who is elegant, exquisite style, most certainly need to replenish your closet with these things. Or rather, the entire Arsenal of clothes should consist exclusively of such “rags”:

— dresses the following styles: cocktail, case, or other options, but with a fitted cut.

— classic blouses and shirts;

— pencil skirt. It’s all “Holy of holies” of the clothing direction;

close — fitting trousers with “arrows”, a pants suit. Very impressive look of the model a La “men’s style”;

— jackets, coats, jackets also slim cut.

In principle, almost all of the things that “preach”an elegant style, have a fitted cut. For the most part, thanks to him and creates an image of perfection. Dressed in such a thing the lady produces the impression of perfection, because the items of clothing, like a glove sit on it.

As for colors, it is considered to be elegant: black (this is the “new” black, just a little more fun), blue, scarlet, fuchsia and of course black.

Fabric – texture — only natural, because it is expensive. After all, elegance is now a synonym for “respectability”. Elegant style just does not tolerate negligence and not aesthetics, which often have unnatural materials, and simply put – synthetic. In short, the girl in this image is “expensive”. Want it to be – be.

Shoes – of course, on the heel. No ballet shoes-walkers, and other old options. All the time, girls. But, hopefully, before the “light” hours, we’ll be there soon. Give your preference to stud. It can be very useful to complement the established ensemble and make you hundred percent representative of elegant style. Wedge possible as an alternative but not desirable. Is that from “hopelessness”. But we all loved the “platform” will have to eliminate. It absolutely will ruin the carefully created image.


Accessories. And where without them, darling. The main rule – a minimum of jewelry. Only allowed string of pearls, and fine, almost weightless articles of gold and silver. No massive rings, hanging earrings, chains. The massiveness and heaviness – the main enemies of elegance. But there is a strong tendency to clutch bags, gloves (favor extra-long variants), various hats and caps, stoles, neck scarves.

The elegant style in clothes. Capricious and demanding, inaccessible and alluring, exquisite and luxurious. But agree, good, Buster! Immediately felt – “Marka”, comes to mind the text of the song: “Dear woman, too expensive!”.


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