English interior style

English style in the interior is characterized by good taste, elegant restraint, elegance and dignity. Nothing to do with minimalism or pretentiousness. This style suits those who, tired of the transient values that prevail in the modern world, I want to add into your life for something basic and reliable.

About what characteristics of such housing, and how to reproduce it in his apartment, tells today the site Stylish.

Features of the English style in the interior

English style in the interior there is from the XVIII century. However, the interest is not waning with the years and the number of fans is not reduced.

There is good news: the interior in the English style – modern interpretation — has no specific requirements for your room and will perfectly fit the conditions of our small apartments. In addition, it is inherent so close to our mentality, the habit never throw anything out.

Those who cherishes family traditions and the things they represent, this interior is perfect for you. It is especially appreciated by people old-fashioned and even a little conservative. However, all this is achieved without compromising comfort.

Layout and finish

For the walls often use wooden panels. As a variant – tight striped Wallpaper or a small inconspicuous ornament. The walls are decorated with pilasters, ceiling mouldings. The floor is usually lined with parquet.

A traditional English house starts with the spacious lounge, where guests are greeted. An important place in the house – living room, which is divided functionally into several different zones. Required attribute English living room with a fireplace. You need to understandthat to authentically re-create such an interior in a standard apartment simply will not allow a shortage of space.

However, artificial fireplace place even in a small room. The fireplace creates an atmosphere of peace, comfort, warms long winter evenings beside him and collects the whole family with a Cup of strong tea.

Large Windows with a semicircular shape reaching almost to the ceiling. This is understandable: the people of Albion are not spoiled by the sun, and such large Windows are designed to facilitate the penetration of its rays.


The most acceptable a variety of colors. It can be cold, grey, blue and green shades, symbolizing the summer, and can be autumn colors – brown, yellow, red, Golden, beige.

However, the overall color scheme of the home, decorated in the English style, quite restrained.


The most characteristic of the English style interior furniture made of dark wood – walnut, ash, yew, mahogany, oak etc. Furniture is elegance and nobility – carved decorations, inlays, expensive paneling are its traditional elements.

The living room is always present round or oval dining table with plush heavy, but delicious, upholstered in rich fabric chairs with twisted legs. Along the walls are chests and cabinets with glass doors.

The bedroom is a luxurious bed made from solid wood or wrought iron.

The classic study in English style involves a leather sofa, a big Desk and a rich library.

In the situation of the English interior breathes nobility and luxury.

If you’re trying to recreate the interior in English style in a rustic two-storey cottage, separate word should be said about the ladder. A wide wooden staircase leading to the second floor, decorated with carved railings are an important addition to the English interior.


Some people think that the interior in the English style is somewhat overloaded with details. Yes, austerity won’t work here. As well as bad taste.

Textile has a special significance in the decoration of the house, decorated in English style, starting with upholstery (for it is used only natural fabrics) and continuing with plenty of decorative pillows, which sakitani sofas and bed. The Windows are hung with heavy dual layer curtains – first is a light transparent fabric, and then – blackout. On the floor – definitely fluffy carpet. Wherever possible decorative covers. Drawings on textile details low-key, matching with the General concept of the home.

Huge full-length mirrors, in rich frames – a mandatory feature of the interior in the English style.

Of great importance are the different touching of things – porcelain vases and figurines, brass lamps, copper candle holders, mini floor lamps. All these details are presented in the abundant and help keep the spirit of old England.

And a mandatory attribute of the English interior is a huge outdoor clock retro style – of course, they have to be perfectly accurate.

I must say that to recreate the English style in the interior – this event is not cheap. However, the game is worth the candle. In this house, all family members will rush in the evening, with impatience and relax and soul, and body.