Environmental style in the interior – inspiration from nature

Modern man is so tired from the noise, smog and stress that accompanied life in the big city that is increasingly turning to natural motives, engaged in the decoration of their homes. Where else can you feel the calm, serenity and safety, like not at home? This is the best promotes the eco-style.

Today, the website Stylish Stuff will tell you that this ecological style in the interior, what are the main features inherent in it, and how to recreate it in your apartment.

Ekostil in the interior: the basic concept

In General, the key principle of the design of the room in eco-style – the use of only natural materials.

In this room you can really relax and soul, and body, and most importantly, life in academe absolutely safe for your health and that of your loved ones.

Finishing materials

The most popular material for houses in eco-style is, of course, wood. For example, as a floor coating, you can choose parquet, Board, tube. Ceilings can be finished with wood.

Decoration as an artificial wood beams in ecological style is very popular. For the walls you can use panels made of wood, bamboo, the same tube.

Also welcomes the ekostilya in natural stone, ceramic tiles.

In General, this trend significantly expands the range of possible design solutions in the decoration. The main thing – a minimum of chemicals and a maximum of natural materials. You can paste over the wall paper Wallpaper, make a decorative design made of fur, straw, clay, paint ceilings, paint, water-based.

All materials used for finishing, are designed to dampen the noise coming from the street, calm the nervous system and cause positive emotions.

Color scheme

The ecological style acknowledges only natural and harmonious colors. The most popular shades are brown and of course green, i.e. the color of earth and plants. They dominate the overall color scheme.

Dilute green and brown better than the neutral white color of clouds.

Also valid close to the primary colors shades of beige, ivory, milk coffee, etc.


Of course, the situation is the undisputed leader tree. Furniture made from solid oak, cherry, birch, is optimal for eco-style. However, it should be borne in mind that the furnishings looks somewhat cumbersome, and that the taste is not for everyone. So, there is metal and glass inclusions.

Also very popular rattan furniture – it looks elegant and at the same time, consistent with the overall concept.

However, the tree can be represented in a variety of guises – from the stools-“stumps” to the woven Mat of the sofa.

But plastic, glossy surfaces and chrome plated metal should be minimized.

Ekostil welcomed the ease in setting. Preferred furniture simple shapes without the complex design features.


In terms of decor, lovers of eco-style is where carousing. You could even say that creative solutions and skillfully woven into the overall fabric details make the room, decorated in environmental style, the most harmonious.

When making aconverter very popular floral design. It could be flowers on the Wallpaper, carved patterns on the glass tabletop, or flower arrangements in vases.

Flowers can be both alive and dried.

Very popular eco-style decoration rooms with branches of bamboo.

And growing bamboo in a pot or vase can be an independent decoration, and unusual design ideas.

Welcome decoration in marine style – for example, pebbles, shells, starfish. And if to withstand a single line when making a room, then all will turn out delicious.

For example, mosaic in shades of blue, decorations on the mirror or on furniture in a rope harness, floor tiles the same color scheme and accessories in a marine style is an eye-catching design of bathroom.

Environmental style in the interior of your home will allow you to feel the unity with nature, peace of mind and great peace, to fill the deficiency of positive emotions and giving bliss and relaxation.

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