Essential oils for hands and nails

Our hands and nails are always healthy and attractive only because of care. Currently, this is not a problem, because there are a lot of ready cosmetic means, and also a great many popular recipes. Among them occupy a worthy place essential oils, they help skin to be always healthy, soft and young, healing her. Apply them in the form of compresses, body wraps, used in the preparation of nourishing cream. Read here how to cure fungus of the toenails.

Almost every prescription remedies with essential oils involves the use of base vegetable oils, saturated fatty acids.

This can be jojoba oil, macadamia, avocado, almond or peach pits. Widely used for these purposes wheat germ oil.

Baths with essential oils

Surely, every woman periodically finds time to take a bath. Why not give the same pleasure to its owner? To make the effect of the baths are more effective, you can take 2-3 drops of any essential oil, mix it with a small amount of sour cream with high fat content and add water.

The most useful action of such baths will be achieved if the water temperature is not above 40 degrees, and the trays will be at least 20 minutes.

For very dry skin, instead of water recommend the use of decoctions of herbs or conventional potatoes. After taking bath make hand douches, placing them alternately in cold and warm broth.

Hand wraps

Another effective and simple method is considered to be wraps. Hand wrapped in paper or cloth soaked in a mixture of base and essential oils.

Then cover them with a towel and wait about 10 minutes. This method will be indispensable if you have cracked skin and peeling. If the skin is sensitive, it is better to do cold compresses, soaking in a solution of cotton swabs.

Very useful to have a special rubbing, his hands steamed with warm water and a few minutes hard to apply to the skin a special mixture prepared with conventional oil and three drops of essential for example of tea rose.

Hand cream with essential oils

Also pretty simple to prepare at home cream with aromatic oils. This cream will be another great tool for the beauty of your hands. You need to prepare a couple of tablespoons of infusion of any herbs, little butter, 1ch.l. of honey and 2 tsp of base oil.

All the ingredients must be mixed and melt in a water bath. Then the mixture needs a good beat to wait for it to cool, and then add three drops of essential oil of geranium or any other.

Mask with essential oils for hands and nails

For the beauty of hands you must also make a hydrating mask with softening effect, firming, strengthening, and whitening. Some of the most popular recipes:

  1. Nutritional effects will have a mix of a few drops of oil of myrrh and orange with the addition of thick cream. The mixture should be slightly warm, apply on the skin for about 30 minutes, then wash your hands with warm water.
  2. Perfectly softens the skin mask of a couple of drops of eucalyptus, honey and aloe Vera juice mixed with oil of wheat germ.
  3. Nourishes the mask of jojoba oil, if you add rosemary oil and a drop of mint.
  4. Great to strengthen nails. a mixture of jojoba oil, fir and citrus essential oils. This mixture is applied with a special brush or a cotton pad.

The funds, which added aromatic oils that have a restorative effect and restore the structure of the nail from the inside.

They not only bring your hands favor, but also bring you incredible pleasure, allowing to plunge into the bright notes of a pleasant and original flavors.