Fashion office lady 2019: what to wear to work

Admit it, office workdays with their reports, meetings, and rigorous schedule from 9 to 18 would be sometimes completely unbearable, if not for giving us the opportunity to flaunt in spectacular outfits. And though a strict corporate code is trying to convince us that the work is no men and women, we refuse to believe it. And designers indulge us in this. 2019 office style is feminine, elegant and allow you every day to go to work on the holiday.

Fashion designs 2019 for office

The suit. Representative office of the wardrobe — a business suit consisting of jacket and trousers or skirt. Classic jackets with different length will not lose relevance. But this traditional style can be alternated with straight jackets masculine tailoring. A favorite of the spring season will be lengthened straight jacket, reminiscent of the trench coat is a very practical thing. And summer is boring jackets safely replace extra long vests. Also at the peak of popularity jackets in military style, embellished with a double row of metal buttons and small shoulder straps.

— Pants. The most fashionable models of trousers — skinny, ankle-length, highlighting graceful legs. These pants look good with pumps and loafers, and with a strong lace-up boots without a heel.

Fashion office lady 2019: what to wear to work

Skirts. As far as the business of skirts, the pencil silhouette is still out of competition. Of course, in your closet should be classic black pencil skirt. However, don’t limit yourself to just this model. This style is so elegant and versatile that within its framework it is permissible to experiment a bit. Consider a model, decorated with some abstract black-and-white pattern (assuming that the volume of your thighs allows you to wear a similar print). Also in 2019 are welcome leather pencil skirts. And don’t be afraid to look at her too much. Importantly, the ensemble as a whole was balanced.

Dress. But special emphasis designers next year doing the dress — the most feminine article of clothing. And here they really gave vent to their imagination.

Sheath dress still reigns. Its versatility, feminine lines and practicality do not get tired to inspire fashion designers. However, in 2019 it was particularly Flirty and sexy. Now it’s more slinky and seductive.

Light airy dresses made of silk or chiffon, embellished with ruffles and ruching can be, at first glance, too romantic. But if you combine them with black tights, closed shoes, boots or ankle boots, they it will come down to Friday to appear in the office.


Retro style never leave fashion catwalks, and this season is no exception. In 2019, designers recommend wearing a fitted feminine dress with a fluffy skirt and a neat fold-over collar.

Dress-coat — more relevant models for office and did not come up. They are both with sleeves and without, so you can easily find a model for different seasons.

Some fashion designers have managed to do the seemingly impossible — to give the leather dresses and strict business look. So not only leather pencil skirt has the right to be admitted to the office. Leather sheath dress, a simple dress, A-line, dress-sundress — like pattern, made of leather, will be quite appropriate at work. Just choose restrained colors. Well, the length of course.

If you are not too hard boss, you can try on a dress in the school style. It is characterized by the following details, cropped length, turn-down collars, cuffs. Sometimes it can be supplemented with tie. This outfit will lend you an air of childlike and will make the atmosphere in the office less stressful.


Familiar styles in 2019 designers refresh new unusual details. For example, the fashion feature of the coming year will be tselnosbornye sleeve. This technique makes the dress more feminine and soft and helps to visually solve a problem like broad shoulders.

Another discovery of fashion — dresses with distinctly separated upper and lower part, resembling, rather, a suit of skirts and blouses. This gives along a custom sound.

As you can see, in the coming 2019-v year office it is possible to turn into a fashion runway.