Flowers in the interior of the kitchen – it is appropriate

The kitchen is primarily a functional room. Therefore, the main requirement to it is good planning and good technical equipment. However, in order to make you feel comfortable to be in it, we should not neglect aesthetic categories. Flowers in the interior of the kitchen played a decorative role.

And though many believe that flowers in the kitchen is not the place, the site is Stylish with it categorically do not agree.


What flowers are recommended for use in the interior of the kitchen

Generally, of course, from the point of view of any grower, the kitchen is the room, bad fit for plant life. Sudden changes in temperature, the effect of various seasonings, just the risk of mechanical damage – is not the best way affects their state.

However, the kitchen and the colors are compatible, if you choose the right varieties of plants.

It is best accustomed in the kitchen, begonia, citrus (orange, tangerine, lemon), dracaena, tradescantia, ivy, coffee tree, Laurel, shrubs pepper.


Ideally, place the flowers on the windowsill. However, it is permissible to hang them in pots on the walls or put on shelves. It is important that colors provide sufficient access to light. The most ideal habitat for most indoor plants are the Windows to the West.

Remember that flowering plants are more fussy in terms of lighting than not flowering.

Because the kitchen is traditionally hot, do not try to keep her plants during the winter prefer cool, such as, for example, cacti, fuchsia, Azalea, Camellia, Myrtle.

And keep in mindthat flowers do not like drafts.

In General, the main principle that should guide the choice of colors in the kitchen – “cheap and cheerful”. It is not necessary to experiment, trying to settle in the kitchen honey and exotic flowers.

As a rule, they are very capricious, and the kitchen is not suitable. And when it dies expensive plant, you will feel sorry for him and spent money on it.

How to use flowers in the kitchen

A beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers has never spoiled any one kitchen table. For example, cheerful sunflowers will improve mood and increase appetite. Delicate tulips are associated with spring. Simply but tastefully will look chamomile. Modest Mimosa adds elegance to the room.


However, the flowers must be fresh. And to keep on my Desk constantly fresh bouquet – fun is not cheap. Therefore, the decoration of the dining table makes more economic sense to make a small pot of violets or decorative peppers. Look nice, but will cost much cheaper.


Just don’t put in the kitchen colors with a strong flavor – for example, hyacinths. They will affect the perception of food.

Curly flowers will be a beautiful addition to the interior, if you put them in pots and hung on walls or put on shelves.

Because the kitchen is still a working area, it is not necessary to clutter it with large tubs of fluffy and bushy plants. Particularly desirable, so they come across the main trajectory of your movement and they will only disturb and irritate.


Do not put flowers near the sink or stove, so they did not get detergent or hot spray – this is you life not renewed.

It is also worth remembering that the capacity in which you have placed the flowers is one of the important components of the floral arrangement.

Generally kitchens do not suit the exotic or a luxurious vase.

The principle of “the simpler the better” should be preserved and the choice of packaging. But you can include fantasy and use as pots unexpected possibilities, which, however, give the composition a distinctive style.


For example, it can be tea cups, elegant clay pots, children’s buckets.

Combine the pleasant with the useful

If flowers are not your issue, but you don’t want to deprive the kitchen of greenery, can place on the windowsill mini-garden.

Onion, parsley, dill, lettuce can grow even in an urban apartment. Special care they require. But you’ll always be provided with fresh greens.

Flowers in the kitchen – even small – will definitely find a spot, and will become a stylish addition.

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