flowers in the interior

The apartment in which there is no vegetation, it looks sad and uncomfortable. Flowers not only purify the air, delight the eye and improve mood. They are also an important element of the decor that accentuates the style of the room, adds colors to it and makes it more harmonious.

What is the role of flowers in the interior, and how best to use them, and will tell you the website Stylish.

How to breathe life into the house: flowers in interior

Deciding to use the interior of flowers, do not forget that they are primarily living creatures. For full development they need proper care and suitable conditions.

Lighting is one of the main factors affecting houseplants.

First of all, remember: flowering plants traditionally place higher lighting requirements than those that do not bloom.

Experienced growers are recommended when placing the colors focus on the light side.

  • For example, on the North side feel portnikova, ficus, pine, dieffenbachia, cyclamen.
  • On the South side you should put aloe Vera, Japanese Camellia, fuchsia, Azalea. But in any case you must close the flowers from too much sunlight transparent curtain.
  • In the West, like to dwell in the date palm, eucalyptus, aechmea, Eugene.
  • Windows facing East are best for begonias, stone roses, violets. In General, this is the best location for most colors.

Features of the use of flowers in interior

Using décor elements such as flowers, it is necessary to take into account their size, height, shape and color of leaves.

Large and unusual plant is a very bright and independent decorative item. It is therefore important that she was in his place, and not loomed before my eyes. Put a flower on you chosen area. Now check out the view from the entrance to the room. Sit on sofa or chair and notice how the plant looks.

Also, it is next to a flower to put something else, otherwise the composition as a whole will look overloaded.

Colors can affect visual perception of the dimensions of the room. For example, for rooms with high ceilings, recommended flowers with drooping stems. The problem of low ceilings, in contrast, will help solve the high rushing up the plant with elongated leaves.

Huge pots with large bushy flowers in a tiny room will look alien element, enhancing the feeling of tightness. Well, to the spacious apartments, however, recommended significant plants.

Also of importance and overall concept design of the home. The simpler and more succinct furnished room, the more exotic and colorful flowers you can afford. The same principle operates in the reverse direction.

If the room is furnished with unusual shapes, curved elements, non-standard, then it will look better plants with simple forms leaves and stems. Well, geometrically correct furniture, the better to match climbing plants with leaves of complex shape.

Of course, the importance and stylistic direction to the room and plants.

If you’re a fan of neutral interiors in Japanese style, pay attention to the concise bamboo or modest charm of plants in bonsai. Luxurious space in modern style decorated with no less luxurious Azalea. If you love wicker furniture, you can choose Jasmine and Orchid. A bit stiff English style interior will soften bushy Camellia.

However, the most important principle when decorating rooms with colors is moderation. Flowers are details and touches, not major elements of the situation, if we are not talking about a greenhouse.

It is important to remember that a houseplant is a composition, which includes not only the flower but also the capacity in which it grows. And they must also conform to the main theme.

So, for example, tin pots, stylized buckets will decorate the simple interior in a rustic style. But for child the same pots, you can paint fun pictures. For the living room will fit large heavy vases. For modern interiors we recommend you wicker pots.

Flowers in the interior can completely transform your apartment, to breathe life into it and paint with bright colors. The most important thing is to be creative and not to forget about the rules of good taste.

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