French manicure 2019

The only kind of manicure that remains timeless and always popular is the French manicure. Photos of this nail Polish in this collection is the best and most beautiful. French manicure is always irresistible, it remains a classic and essential in the world of fashion. This is the most universal and popular form, which can be combined with all the variety of clothes, styles and events of our lives.


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French manicure

Classic French manicure — the tips of the nails painted in white, and the rest of the surface of your nails in a natural color. It is convenient because it is suited to any style, any outfit and situation, it is ideal for office workers, also during business events.

This manicure looks great on short nails — while the white stripes should be very thin.

The classic French manicure has appeared with all the famous Coco Chanel. In those days it was only in the classic version, which was described above.

But modern ladies introduced this type of manicure many innovations.

French manicure is divided into several types:

1. The classic — nail tip white, deep line “smile”.

2. Chevron a — line “smile” is V – shaped.

3. Millennium nail tip applied sequins any other shimmering elements.

4. Fan decoration nail art various design elements (for example, mica, lace, feathers, rhinestones, etc.).

5. Crystal — crystal tip, the rest of the nail plate is pink.

6. Colored — colored tip of a nail or multi-colored transition from the tip of the nail to the nail bed.

7. Design depends on the imagination of the master and the client.

8. Spa is essentially classic French, but with a relaxed, sometimes, and not at all blurred, the line “smile”.

9. Lunar is a classic French on the contrary, bright varnish covered the base of the nail.

Wedding French manicure photos

Brides around the world choose French manicure for the most important day of your life. This is not surprising — it is most appropriate wedding dress for their perfect purity and elegance.

As experienced professionals in this field can create a unique and luxurious wedding design that is based on a French manicure.

French manicure on long nails

This design would be the real temptation for women. It is made in the same way as a normal French manicure, but it looks much bolder, even extravagant, and are perfect for special occasions.

French style manicure usually involves the natural shape of the nails of medium length.

View how to make a perfect French manicure with the gel nails.

Such a stylish and elegant French manicure will add elegance and completeness to the image of any woman.

The most simple and bright option — the tips of the nails covered with silver or gold sequins.

Bright French manicure photos

This bright manicure can not go unnoticed and it is suitable for evening events.

Let’s see how to do it

French manicure with crystals — photo

French manicure photos — animal print

The moon manicure

French manicure, just the opposite.

Ideas for French manicure

By using different color combinations and a large variety of decorative elements — flowers, stickers, stones, crystals, feathers etc to create a unique and original design. Here are some ideas — French manicure photo.

Let’s see how to do a black French manicure

French manicure at home

The technology of creating the French manicure is as follows:

Before you start any manicure, you need to take care of the health of your hands and nails — make a relaxing bath. The whole procedure only takes five minutes in a liter of water dissolve 1 teaspoon of sea salt, dip hands in a bath for 5-7 minutes.

Then dry your hands with a soft towel and apply a moisturizer. You can then proceed to the manicure.

First we need to create each nail. The asymmetry in the French manicure is not acceptable. Roll back the cuticle with a wooden stick or apply the gel to soften and remove the cuticle.

Apply your base coat to your nails thinly and evenly. Wait until dry and start painting the tips of the nails. Keep in mind that too wide white stripes visually expand and shorten the length of your nails.

The options of drawing:

  1. With the help of special strips of stickers for French manicure. Tape attached to the nail plate, leaving the ends open. The tips are covered with white lacquer. After the varnish is dry, remove the stickers, and to cover the nails clear or light beige varnish. This option with the stickers on the fan.
  2. The white tips of the nails the usual brush paint white lacquer. For this method we need to practice, but the only way to create a perfect, beautiful French manicure.
  3. Quick French manicure — just take a white pencil for manicure and paint the tips of the nails. The disadvantage of this method — manicure erased at the first contact with water.
  4. After the ends are ready to cover the nail across the surface with 2 layers of clear, light pink or beige. Then apply a top coating.

View how to make fast French manicure using Scotch tape — Wedding manicure with rhinestones

For French manicure at home, cosmetic companies offer ready-made kits that contain everything you need.

You can decorate and complement your French manicure a variety of prints, patterns, sequins etc. You can choose different colors and lines to give your nails a romantic look with white and pink flowers.

French manicure photos

If you like this manicure at home seems too time consuming and difficult, it is better to seek professional help. Keep in mind that the price of the jacket a little higher than normal, as it requires more time and skill.

See also the drawings on the nails.

French manicure photos for every taste