Fur coat for winter 2018

As they say, prepare sledge in the summer… And when it comes to fashion, you can start preparing for a few seasons before the start of the cold season. So, let’s discuss the main trends in world fashion industry, but will also talk about what coats will be relevant next year!

Fashionable fur coats winter 2018: trends

This season many stylists recommend to pay attention to the short fur coats. Designers try to create more unusual versions of the coats using the different techniques of cutting and sewing. In particular, the actual shorter model fur coats, which look very unusual and stylish. And besides, these coats form a bright and elegant look.

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Why short fur coats and wear them with anything?
First of all, note the short white fur coat genuine sheared fur. They are versatile and suitable for costume and dress. Maybe they don’t look quite practical, but it certainly will attract the attention of others.

Fur coat for winter 2018 Fur coat for winter 2018

Patchwork fur coats

Fur, patches of fur albeit not new, but rather a vivid trend which is worth paying attention to. Stylists recommend to choose a simple long coat to the knee, and not to pay attention to the texture of the fur. To assemble you can the different fur: long and cropped, with bright colors and natural colors. This is the uniqueness of this fashion trend!

Voluminous coats

Coats “for growth” or volume is not commensurate with the volume, coats, are very popular among young people. Among the most popular innovations was the model of faux fur and fur coats-jackets. Such coats usually are paired with wide sleeves.

Coats with floral print

Even more unusual trend are coats with floral print. Many designers make special patches on coats, forming unusual images. Do not miss the fashion trend!

Fur coat for winter 2018

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