Gel manicures summer 2018

Let’s look at what is a gel manicure? Traditional nail gradually losing its popularity and now few salons can boast of having lots of girls is recorded. However, this does not mean that manicurists are losing earnings, after replacing the artificial nails have come a gel manicure.

To begin with, of course, is to understand what it is, what it is doing and why he was dismissed from the first place years keep there nails?

Gel manicure is very simple — on your natural nails applied a special composition gel. Despite the simplicity and the fact that the nails thus not lengthened, this has visible advantages in front of others. (See. also the Shellac manicure).


  • The benefits of gel manicures
  • Technology of application of gel manicures

Gel manicure — what are the benefits?

  1. First, nails look amazing like them fresh, and perfectly smooth Polish. In addition, the gel makes a nail plate from exposure to the environment, dust, dirt, hard water and other things. This factor is particularly relevant for those whose nails themselves are quite weak and fragile.
  2. The nail plate is not polished and not thinner that is causing less damage to the nails. Also artificially adds length.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, a gel manicure does not mean that it needs to be boring. Such nails can also be adorned to draw a variety of patterns and even create some songs that were previously impossible.
  4. Biogel good for Allergy sufferers because it does not cause adverse reactions.
  5. And the most important part of the bio-gel is completely harmless to the nail plate, which very well explains the popularity of this type of manicure.

Technology of application of gel manicures

Technically, the procedure is quite simple and can turn out pretty well after some training.

So learning by yourself, you can do a manicure not only to themselves but also to family and friends. If there is a great desire to work all day with other people’s nails, you can even start your business, which can bring a good and stable income.

To become a happy owner of perfect nails, you only need to observe some simple rules. So, before you start working with the gel, you need to make it a regular manicure.

Classic manicure is done according to the standard scheme. First you need to remove the cuticles and shape the nails. The shape of the nail depends on fingers.

The long fingers look good with square or sharp form, while more short and stout best fit rounded or almond-shaped.

When these simple steps are completed, you can apply on nails Biogel. This should be done carefully so that the gel has not got on the cuticles and fingers. Strokes start from the middle of the nail, and then made and sides.

After that you will need and special equipment – UV lamp for nails. The consolidation of the Biogel occurs only in such rays.

Lamp for gel nail Polish

Dry nails is to dry, time for a different manufacturer of the gel is different – it is specified on the package. After the first stage is completed, you can begin to nail design.

Importantly, drying each new layer of the gel under the lamp, and in the end nails cover with a colourless gel for the pin and again drier.

The difference between the ordinary and the gel manicure is that after shaping and removal of cuticle, nails not covered by conventional varnish and a special molecular bio-gel.

The only negative is the need to buy a UV light and to develop some special skills.

But all this kompensiruet a huge number of benefits not only to build, but in General. So, gel manicure provides full freedom for creativity and allows you to arrange your fingers as your heart desires.

A colorless gel, and even allows you every day to change the color of the nails, because the gel can be applied to any ordinary lacquer.

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Although the manicure is made using bio-gel will last longer than normal, once a week you will still have to make a correction, as the nail grows ugly, especially in the cuticle area.

Gel manicure not only makes hands groomed at least a week, but also helps fight the growth of cuticles, making hands women’s long manicured and beautiful. Such fingers would not be ashamed to appear at any event, and also to decorate the hands with rings and bracelets.

Gel manicure


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