Golden nails 2018

Surprisingly at first glance, Golden manicure is not limited to one single shade, even the natural gold can be very different.

If the Golden color is selected as the primary, you can use almost any shade of gold, from reddish copper to bright silver-yellow. Good are metallic lacquers pastel colors – pink, peach, but with a pearlescent Golden sheen. Beige, Marsala, chocolate in combination with gold will also be popular. These warm colors create an atmosphere of a noble beauty and warm in cold autumn / winter season.

golden nails 2018

golden nails 2018

There are two ways of patterning gold image on a colored background, and colored (usually monochrome) – gold. And in that and in other case the image needs to be as simple as possible.

Perfectly accentuate the beauty of your manicure geometric motifs, straight lines and broken lines, the outlines of the figures, waves.

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Interestingly and tenderly will look abstract pattern of swirls and smooth curved lines made of a thin brush.

The trend will be ethnic motifs: Greek and African ornaments, Egyptian and Chinese characters and other similar elements.
Draw golden nails 2018ings for Golden nail Polish manicure. This implies that there is nezarazene areas on the nail plate, and with the gold it will look in particular stylish.

You can resort to the classics – carry an elegant French manicure, where the nail will be covered with ordinary transparent varnish, and the smile will sparkle gold.
If you fully cover your nails with chic elegant metal luster, this design looks quite complete and needs no additional decoration.

In the same case, when you decided to add to nail Polish and other paints, it is quite possible to decorate figures. However, taking into account the sustainability of the gold coating, the drawings should only be performed on the accent fingers, otherwise you may get bad taste.