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In this collection is the best nail extensions photo. They can be bright and catchy, or Vice versa, quite modest — it all depends on your desires. Women make great efforts to maintain its beauty. This also applies to nails. Sometimes you want to they were beautiful and long, but the wait does not want. Or simply no time, if you are already the other day. Here then come to the aid of graft nails.


  • Design of nails by types
  • Gel or acrylic?
  • How to extend the life of nails
  • Naroscheny nails photo

Naroscheny nails photo on kinds of design

If You want your manicure look more impressive, you can make the design of nails. Types of design there are so many. Let’s try to understand the basic types in more detail.

1. French (French manicure)

The feature of this type of design is that the tip of the nail differs in color from the nail bed. In its classical form it is a white color.

But it can be replaced with any color, the jacket can be decorated with drawing, painting, acrylic moulding, all decorative elements.

Also the French can be on long and on short nails. In short, French is the most versatile and popular manicure on graft nails.

View how to build French-free lamp technology:

Photos of French manicure on graft nails

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2. Art painting nails

It can be classic when the painting is done with acrylic paints, or with elements of French. Here all depends on imagination of the master and the client.

If the wizard is skilled enough to paint Your nails it will not be easy, and look this manicure is very impressive.

Photo of painting — synthetic nails

3. Surround design

This kind of design is created using colored gel or acrylic paints.

To create a volume of ink or the gel is applied thick strokes, often using pearls, beads, polymer clay and other materials.

Photo volume of the design of graft nails

4. Aquarium design

This method of design is a “figure” (or three-dimensional), which is hidden under a transparent layer of acrylic or gel. As a “picture” using colored sand, dry flowers, rhinestones and other elements.

Extended nails with aquarium design can last You up to three months of course, if You make the correction in a timely manner.

Nail aquarium design

5. American design

The main condition for this design is the rounded nails. It used the rich, bright shades of nail Polish or gel.

American nails design photo

6. Photo design

This is the fastest and most economical design. For this design used the decal. You can also make your own image from the photos, which is coated with a layer of acrylic or gel.

Photo design of graft nails

Photo graft nails with 3D design

Nail with geometric patterns

Very often when building use design with geometric patterns — triangles, lines, squares, etc.. you can use them to create the most beautiful and original patterns.

Nail extensions in the form of a stiletto photo

Nail extensions, covered with lacquer

Gel or acrylic? What build to choose

As for the building, the safe is increasing with the gel. It is done using forms or nail tips by applying the gel layer by layer. The layers are dried under UV light.

Acrylic nails are the most durable. They are formed of material, which is obtained by mixing liquid monomer and polymer powder.

To get a more natural look, acrylic is applied beginning from the middle and gradually moving to edges. After the mixture hardens, you have a nail file to form the shape.

Forms for acrylic extensions can be different: paper or metal. It allowed the use of tips. At the final stage of manicure varnish base.

Important: naroscheny nails will look beautiful and natural, only if you choose the appropriate size and shape.

Do not wear artificial nails for too long without a break, from time to time their natural need to rest.

How to extend the life of nails

Today, artificial nails are not uncommon. How can monitor them, to have a manicure made us happy and not harm either the nails or health in General? Some are not difficult to implement rules to help you care for the beauty of your nails and always have beautiful and manicured hands.

Follow these rules to have more time to enjoy them.

  1. Gently open a car door — is very often exactly what break down organic hand cream.
  2. Do not use them for opening packages.
  3. Do not expose them to strong pressure when you press the buttons on the phone, lift or keyboard.
  4. If you nails have increased for the first time, be especially careful when performing household responsibilities.
  5. Do not expose them to direct heat and steam during cooking. Artificial nails can not withstand high temperature and start to melt.
  6. When lifting weights in the gym, you should be especially careful.
  7. Do time correction, usually every 2-4 weeks, but may vary depending on the growth rate of the nail plate.
  8. Do not remove extended nails by yourself. This may adversely affect the health of your own nails.

False nails

This is an inexpensive method that allows to obtain quickly long nails. They come with a ready-made design or not. They may be varnished, decorate a picture, etc..

These ready-made artificial nails are simply glued to the nail plate with a special glue, in any case, you cannot use stationery glue.

You can only use them temporarily as they are not durable, and the glue negatively affects their condition and health.

Naroscheny nails photo on any taste