Gray color in clothes

Imagine how boring it would be to live if every person at birth, were instructed to dress in only one particular color: you only go to yellow and you’re in the black. Fortunately, the wise nature decreed that any of us was not only one particular color, but a few plus the various combinations thereof. And by the way, what color people prefer, you can tell a lot about his character, mood and Outlook.

Today the site is a Stylish little Thing wants to tell the truth about what it means grey in clothes, and at the same time — what combination of gray and other colors will be most successful.

Grey in clothes from the point of view of psychology

Grey is a compromise of black and white. The Golden mean, so to speak. That is why it is so often people prefer balanced, not prone to eccentric actions, carefully weighing their decisions.

Psychologists believe that people who prefer gray, subconsciously strives for internal harmony and stability. Very often this color gives inner fatigue.

Fans of grey stingy with emotional expression, believing that constructive in them a little. While this does not mean that the emotions they are experiencing – just do not think it necessary to demonstrate.

Since the gray color itself is neutral, often for people who choose it, it is something of a psychological relief. People with gray seeks to go beyond reality, to get rid of the situation that he was involved in.

Of course, these conclusions are conditional. There are many shades of grey besides, as a rule, we all use a combination of several colors. However, this does not remove the truth of the conclusions of psychologists.

Grey +: the combination of different colors

Generally, gray color is very comfortable. He goes to almost all, regardless of age, shape and type of appearance. Moreover, it goes well with most other colors. It look good accessories and decoration. It can be used for business clothes and evening dress, and in everyday life. Grey is a great background. And from what you it will cause, depends on your whole look.

Some girls have no respect for gray because it makes them melancholy, associated with homeliness, plain. No wonder there is the phrase “grey mass”. A “gray mouse” is called the woman uninteresting, devoid of a sense of style and own personality. However, our website is sure: if you’re so determined against the grey, most likely, you just “don’t know how to cook it”.

Grey + yellow: one of the winning combinations. These colors are mutually balanced: Sunny, cheerful yellow slightly muted quiet gray.

It is better, when the gray color dominates. For example, a dress of grey color in combination with yellow shoes and accessories.

Grey + pink: a classic combination. Pink contributes its share of levity in this tandem.

And gray good look all shades of pink, from pale – “ashes of roses” — to rich fuchsia.


Grey + blue: or blue, your choice. This combination is moderately restrained. It is perfect for a business atmosphere.

If you want to look more bright, starting, for example, to a party, pick as basic blue and combine it with silver jewelry and silver accessories.


These three combinations are the winning. However, the options are not limited.

The combination of gray with brown shades – very elegant and noble. And it is equally good with gray will look like nutty, and delicate beige.

— Combining grey with red, you are positioned as a bold, passionate and at the same time solid nature.

Grey and lilac is a combination of very tender and delicious.

— Al grey and green very organic. It has a calming effect on the mind and pleasing to the eye.

Combinations of grey with white or black is too boring.

These combinations will suit brunettes with dark skin and Raven hair – this appearance itself is quite bright, so it does not fade from such modest colors.


In other cases, such ensembles should be diluted contrasting with bright touches.

How it will look gray, also depends on the type of fabric from which clothing is made. For example, a light gray color looks good in lace or silk. Rich, dark grey – suede. The smoky shade is best played in woolen products.

As you can see, grey in clothing is an excellent replacement to the black base color, but a softer alternative. This color is elegant, refined, intelligent. The probability that he will be out of fashion in the near future, is extremely small. So feel free to combine it with other colors and look for your favorite combination.

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