Green color in the interior: create your own corner of nature

Green is one of those rare colors that is perceived positively by all without exception. It has a calming effect on the mind, pleases the eye and improves mood. Not for nothing, psychologists recommend to dress in green if you have any difficult meeting, coupled with stress. The green color in the interior is also very popular. It is used in premises of various purpose.

On how to turn it into an effective design tool, will tell the website Stylish.


Features of the use of green in the interior

One of the reasons for the popularity of green is what we, the residents of large cities, is very much lack of communication with nature. Well and the green color offsets the deficit in the interior.

1. Green helps to calm down and solve the sleep problems. Therefore, it is often recommended for the design of bedrooms.

2. Since this color relieves eye fatigue, it is popular for decoration of business premises – libraries, classrooms, rooms where students do their homework, etc.

3. The green color is very complicated. It can not only relax, but to brace. For example, succulent shade of lime causes a rush of activity.

Therefore, choosing your shade of green, it is important to consider exactly where you intend to use it.

4. Green is the personification of the hospitality of the house owners. Its use in living room or hallway will help your guests feel more psychologically comfortable.

5. Depending on the hue and saturation of the green it can be done as a background dominant color, and used for the colorful touches.

However, the room is decorated by a monochrome combination of shades of green, looks very boring.

6. Certain shades of green (e.g., mint) make the room visually cold. It is therefore not recommended their use in poorly lit rooms.

About shades of green

To make use of this color in the interior is more focused, let’s talk about the symbolic value of its basic colors.

— Bright jade shade of green has a calming effect on the psyche. It is especially recommended for bedrooms and children’s.

The same effect has a minty hue, celadon – although the latter should use metered because of its intensity.

Malachite and emerald colors are associated with luxury, because they look very noble.

They are the ideal choice for the decoration of living rooms and offices because it gives them respectability and refinement.

— Fruit color – light green, kiwi, lime evoke optimism. In the kitchen they will help to cheer up.

— The color of fresh spring greens traditionally used in nurseries, kitchens and bathrooms. It enhances the feeling of cleanliness, improves mood.

The child in this room will never be bored.

The most spectacular color combinations

As has been said, absolutely the green room is just as bored. But by the skillful combining of colors you can create truly unique interiors.

Green + blue. Both of these shade – green and sky – look very natural and realistic, associating with nature.


Built on the basis of this color pairs design interior depending on the intensity of the shades can be luxurious and calming, so this combination is appropriate and in the bedroom and in the living room.

Green + brown. Again, very harmonious Alliance due to its naturalness. Colors green leaves and wood as appropriate in any room and can look like noble and refined, so charming and simple.

— Green + black. Quite a difficult combination. However, the black color in the interior is always quite a bold move. However, the positive one shade successfully compensates for the darkness of the other.


This color scheme would be appropriate for modern interiors, as well as offices and entertainment venues.

Green + white. The room, decorated in this color combination, look very fresh, almost sterile. They can be complemented with shades of gold, brown, dilute blue or pink to make it more challenging, and therefore interesting.

The green color in the interior, provided that the design project is made with taste is always a win-win.