Green hair 2017

Many girls prefer to create extravagant hair color. Among these were flowers and green tint. It looks attractive only in certain conditions. And today we’ll talk about what hair color is in trend and how to pick up beautiful green hair and who it fits.

Green symbolizes life, nature, and innovation. It is not surprising that he has many fans. However, it is not a natural shade of hair and for many it seems too bright and extravagant.
This year stylists recommend to look at green hair from a different angle. Namely, pay attention to the coloring of green paint and dark green shade of hair, which has already conquered the fashion catwalks. Let’s discuss the shades of green hair!

Green hair color trends

There is a perception that green hair is suitable exclusively to owners of green eyes which is rare nowadays. However, it is not so. Green hair will look perfectly paired with tea and brown eyes color. One of the main trends of the new season becomes three-dimensional hair coloring. It involves vivid coloring of the hair by several shades. Usually, the colorist uses three or more shades, to create the effect of surround colors. The result is bright and saturated.

In the trend of the partial hair dyeing green shades. Important to create the individual strands of a green and to assemble them with a pink tinge. Among all the shades of green hair color, the most popular is the emerald. It provides a pearlescent sheen and looks very bright. The trend has also been found dark green hair color, which would be a good solution for owners of brown eyes and dark skin.

Also I would like to say about the technique of painting in the style of Ombre. It is in trend! If you have dark hair, use dark shades of hair to create a bright osmre!

Light green hair color

Light green hair color is very popular in Europe. This shade of hair can be considered independently or combined with others. Best of all it looks paired with blue or green eyes, fair skin. But do not forget that it is not suited to everyone. This year, the trend was acid green colors of hair, which in common with yellow. It is fashionable to combine in a pair of dark green hair color.

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