Hair color spring 2018

Trends in the fashion world namely fashionable hair shades change very rapidly. Literally every new season whether it’s summer or fall, designers introduce at least one additional color. Today we will discuss the most popular shades of hair, and also talk about how to combine them together to form a harmonious way.

Hair color winter 2018

One of the most popular shades this winter be the caramel color hair. It is very bright for summer and for winter especially. However, caramel hair color is not for all fashionistas, but only to those with blue or grey eyes and fair skin. Caramel color has many shades, among which, the new season is light red, the color of milk chocolate and rich caramel hair color with strong red pigment.
Classic brown hair color is also relevant this winter. Stylists recommend to pay attention to a variety of shades of ashen, it is a trend.

One more fashionable shade of hair this winter this is Bitter chocolate. Hair color-style dark chocolate means dark brown hair or dark brown hair color that is suited to owners of brown eyes and light or dark skin. This year, chocolate hair color is fashionable to combine with lighter shades such as wheat, beige, ashy blonde. Chestnut hair has a lot of advantages, because they look very natural and naturally, and with chocolate shade looks absolutely stunning.

In 2018, special attention should be given to all shades of blonde. The trend of popularity of pink blonde in the trend has also been found hairstyles with ash blonde. Stylists recommend to experiment with new shades such as ash blonde platinum blonde and pearl blonde. Shade of blond hair are the ideal solution for owners of light skin and blue or gray eyes.

Classic black color hair, which was so popular last season, this winter takes on new shades. In particular, stylists recommend to take a look at these hair colors as black, blue and brown-black. Black color hair is a kind of litmus test that shows how much can be a harmonious way. Owners of pale skin should refrain from too dark of shades of black, here’s the tanned girls and the owners of olive skin, coal black color.

The combined shades of the hair, which involves the combination of two or more shades, is very popular today. Fashionable hair color winter 2018 involves a variety of techniques coloring. At the top of popularity was a technique of painting in the style of Ombre. Ombre this winter provides natural hair shades which are very harmonious look with each other. For example, it is fashionable to combine brown and wheat hair color, as well as some shades of blonde.

Staining in the style of Balaj is also very popular among fashionistas. As a rule, it is chosen by the owner of blonde hair or light brown hair as Balaj allows you to show nice highlights on the hair.
Dyeing techniques in the style of Balaj is not new, however, is a modern technique, which helps make the hair more vivid and attractive, while the strands will look very natural. Balazs refers to the vertical techniques of hair coloring, which is inherently universal. In particular, the correction Balaj is carried out 1 time in 2 months, because when you dyeing, the hair roots remain untouched. Quite a handy technique of hair coloring that looks harmonious.

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Another fashionable hair style Shatush is very popular this winter. Shatush allows you to show more saturated colors of hair, while his technique of painting resembles more Shatush Ombre. This year Shatush you can create on the basis of chestnut brown hair color.
Fashionable hair coloring 2018 diverse, choose shades that attract you most, but remember that harmonious way can work, if you focus on the personal color of skin hair and eyes.

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