Hair coloring summer 2020

Fashionable hair coloring this summer involves not only bright shades, but also a rather extraordinary solution.


If you want to create a vivid look, be sure to look at the most unusual shades of hair colors this year. You will see the most popular staining options in 2020.

Almost the majority of designers recommend using hair dyeing techniques such as balayazh, shatush, ombre and sombre for the new season. All these hair dyeing techniques allow you to create a vivid look and at the same time look incredibly stylish. Separately, I would like to highlight the technique of coloring in the style of blorange, which over the past few years has broken all records of popularity.

Blorange is very popular among young girls, because this bright technique of dyeing involves lightening the hair, as well as toning them in pink or peach. Blorange also involves dyeing hair in milky peach and other shades. Pay attention to the shine of hair and healthy beauty. This is a key trend in 2020.
Another fashionable dyeing technique in the new season is California hair highlighting. Of course, as in previous seasons, California hair highlights, stylists recommend creating Blond based on dyeing. If you want to create a vivid image, be sure to look at California highlighting based on peach-colored hair, wheat-colored hair, as well as other warm colors. This combination looks incredibly stylish and bright paired with fair skin and blue or green eyes.

Another fashionable technique for dyeing hair today is balayazh. Initially, balayazh was used for dyeing exclusively blond hair. However, today the technique of dyeing balayazh is a full-fledged trend for lightening blond hair, brown hair, as well as blond blonde. The technique of dyeing balayazh involves lightening the hair in several tones. Due to which beautiful glare appears on the hair, which in turn allows you to form a bright and saturated hair color. As a rule, balayazh is used for blond hair, adding shades of Blonde to it. It should be noted that Blond’s shades must be cold, because this is how you can create color depth.

Another fashionable hair dyeing technique is shatush. Shatush is traditionally used to lighten strands based on brown hair, caramel hair, red hair, and dark chocolate. Shatush is an exceptionally warm hair coloring technique, with the combination of which this factor is taken into account significantly. You can not combine warm and cold shades of hair, as this can lead to disharmony of the image. Based on the coloring of the cranks, they choose the warmest shades of Blond as possible. These include Peach Blond, Caramel Blond, Wheat Blond and Honey Blond.
If we talk about fashionable shades of hair coloring, then, probably, one of the most relevant hair colors in 2020 is Shenik Blond. This is the perfect shade of hair that is suitable for dyeing hair for girls with blue eyes and fair skin. This is the perfect summer shade, which also goes well with California highlighting, as well as any shades of warm Blonde.

Speaking of fashionable hair coloring of the summer season, it is impossible not to mention the ombre. The ombre painting technique has been popular for many years. However, over the past few years, it has begun to gain momentum. And if at first the focus was on an ombre that assumed exceptionally bright shades of hair, today the combination of a gradient in natural shades is most popular. So, light brown hair color is ideally combined with shades of cold Blonde. But coal and cold chestnut are ideal for black hair color.

The summer season is impossible to imagine without red shades of hair. This year, the most popular is Caramel Blonde, a rich caramel shade, rust color, as well as rich red hair color. What is surprising, red hair color is fashionable to combine with different options for dyeing. This is, first of all, California hair highlighting, as well as all sorts of options for dyeing in the style of shatush balayazh and more. When choosing fashionable summer shades of hair, remember that at the top of popularity was the warm Blonde, brown hair color, as well as all shades of red color.


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