Haircolor winter 2018

Fashion trends are not asleep, and we proceed to review the most fashionable trends of this fall, join us!

And it will be about trendy hair color, which always popular in women’s and men’s fashion.
What’s trending?

This year special attention should be given to bright and contrast hair coloring. Autumn is the season rich in bright colors, including: pink, green, dark blue, etc.
Let’s discuss the fashion trends in the world of hair coloring!

Haircolor winter 2018

Remember that this fall’s key trend of the season is red hair color. It was he who, in the opinion of stylists, perfectly underlines the theme of the season. But that’s not all. When choosing a shade of hair, it is important to focus on personal information, such as color of skin, eyes. In 2017, the fashion is fiery-red hair color that will be perfect for fair skinned women with blue or green eyes. Note also caramel shades of red hair color. Despite the fact that they look very attractive, are not suitable for everyone!

Caramel shades of hair is fashionable to combine paired with highlights or hair coloring. Due to this, you can get more complicated and unusual shades of hair! You have to remember that caramel hair color is perfect for owners of light skin and brown eyes!


There are many modern fashion shades of hair that stylists are happy to put into practice. In 2017, on top was a vanilla hair color. Imagine a vanilla hair color light or even blonde. However, the reality is more pragmatic. The vanilla color is a shade between chestnut and ginger. Natural vanilla is somewhat reminiscent of a shade tree. Vanilla hair is a great solution for owners of brown eyes and light skin!

Bitter chocolate

Color of hair dark chocolate is no newcomer fashion runway. If you remember, last season he was one of the key trends of the season. This year in the fashion of a bitter or dark chocolate. This dark brown hair color that you can mix with lighter shades of hair. Forming Ombre on the base of dark hair still in fashion.


Honey color hair this year claims to be the main trend of the season. In particular, among the most popular autumn hair color honey takes the first place. It is fashionable to combine honey hair color with chestnut and chocolate. Well honey shade of hair looks great and paired with red and caramel colors. Who is suitable for?

Honey hair color is ideally suited to owners of brown eyes and fair skin.

Platinum hair color

One of the most demanded hair color today is platinum. It is compared with the key trend of the season. Platinum hair color is ideal for owners of gray eyes and fair skin. It is often used for coloring hair, blending with these shades like platinum blonde, etc.


The gray color is not a beginner fashion runway. Stylists often use it to complement your fashionable image. This year on top of the popular platinum tones, which in combination with an ashy look just amazing. In particular, pay attention to ash-grey, ash blonde and pearl blonde. All of these trendy hair shades are in trend. Another fashion trend that also applies for the main trend is dimensional hair coloring.

Haircolor winter 2018 Haircolor winter 2018 Haircolor winter 2018 Haircolor winter 2018 Haircolor winter 2018 Haircolor winter 2018 Haircolor winter 2018

Haircolor winter 2018 Haircolor winter 2018 Haircolor winter 2018 Haircolor winter 2018 Haircolor winter 2018 Haircolor winter 2018 Haircolor winter 2018 Haircolor winter 2018 Haircolor winter 2018


The technique of staining Ombre hair is not new. But this year, Ombre has really changed. If last season at the top of popularity was a natural Ombre with natural hair color, but this year is very popular radical staining. In particular, stylists recommend to pay attention to the hair coloring pink, green and blue hues, they are a trend!

Hair coloring

Hair coloring technique that will never go out of fashion. This year on top of popularity was voluminous hair coloring using two and more fashionable shades. The fact is that the three-dimensional color make the image more harmonious. Color of hair turns out deep and rich!

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