Haircuts and hairstyles for elongated face shape

Good day! Please, tell me, please, what haircuts and hairstyles would suit a girl of 19 years, with an elongated face shape with curly hair??

Thank you in advance))

The perfect solution haircuts and hairstyles for elongated face

It is absolutely right that our reader chooses her hairstyle based on hair type and oval face are the key points in this technique. Next is the overall style of the image, the type of shape. But one thing we can say to the author of the question is precisely: because You are still very young, You open a huge space for experiments. That will look for the more Mature woman shocking, the little lady looks quite harmoniously. A site Stylish Stuff will tell You several possible options of haircuts and hair for elongated face shapes and will point out mistakes that should be avoided.

As a rule, the main difficulties owners of the oblong face a wide forehead and a long chin. Therefore, the aim of the hairstyles that should give that person the perfect shape is still smoothing out these imbalances.

So, we can advise the following hairstyles:

— The reader did not specify what is the length of her hair. The only thing we understood from her question – what haircut she’s ready. However, if the hair long, shoulder length and longer, a great option would be the combination of bangs and cascading wavy curls. Fortunately that the hair is the author of the question kinky by nature, and this is a great success: the curls are generally perfect in order to hide the flaws of an elongated face. This hairstyle will create the fluffiness around the face and thereby visually expand it, and we should be. As for the bangs, then this is the right way to disguise a large forehead and visually shorten the face – especially if it is thick and long.


But on the whole long hair even more pull a face, so wavy curls is the only possible variation on this theme. From well-loved by many and is now so popular treatments for straightening long hair You have to give.


— Much better to hide the flaws of an elongated face and short hair medium hair. The most common and a good haircut for a similar type of person – a regular classic Bob. Length of Kare – to the chin or slightly below the ears. Just be sure to give it on the sides of the volume, the ends let it be lush.

Avoid too short cuts and open ears. Bad form styling for an elongated face – lift them high: it only will pull the person. Also refrain from direct partings in favor of asymmetry.

Great option for medium length hair – haircut with a soft cascade around my face oblique bangs parted in the middle and separated by a parting into two different asymmetrical parts. Due to the fact that the hair is curly, will not have problems to put them in careless curls, having a different direction: it is also visually add width to the face.


— However, there is an option for short haircuts. This is the usual Bob, in which the volume is concentrated around the cheeks and ears. By the way, thanks to its young age, our reader can try a range of avant-garde haircuts. For example, the combination of an elongated bangs and ultra-short nape. This is a youth style, bold and playful.


In General, many globally recognized beauty and style of France have this face shape. Among them is Eva Mendes, Liv Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker. Just look at their photos to see successful solutions of haircuts to give elongated face harmonious and feminine oval. Thanks to the on the market assortment of various AIDS and appliances for installation no problem to adjust something bestowed upon us by nature, in one direction or another. So we hope that You will consider all our comments and you will find your ideal way. Good luck!


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