Haircuts for gray hair: turn gray in the element of style

That hairstyle seriously affects the visual age women – an obvious fact. Arguing with him is pointless, it is much wiser to use it for their own purposes. Well, the desire to look younger, prettier, more elegant, to please myself and others is part of the female nature.

Today, the website Stylish Stuff will tell you what haircuts for gray hair will help you effectively present yourself.

What is gray hair and how to fight it

For most women discovered the first gray hair is cause for panic, since gray hair has traditionally been considered a symptom of approaching old age. However, gray hair can appear fragmented and young people. The reasons may be diverse: heredity, environment, a strong nervous breakdown, and unhealthy diet.

However, at the physiological level is expressed equally graying: hair lacks coloring pigment melanin, causing it discolours, becomes hollow, rigid.

This process is irreversible. So don’t Bang your head against the wall and even more pulling out my gray hair. Better to learn how to handle them. Especially the ash gray shade of hair – it is one of the fashion trends. Many Hollywood stars – even a very young age – voluntarily “turning gray”, completely or only some strands of hair.

Haircuts for gray hair

So, if you decided to come to terms with her new shade of hair, or deliberately bought it in the hairdresser should learn how to give them the correct form.

One of the difficulties of creating of hairstyles of hair with natural streaks of gray is that its structure gray hair different from those that kept the shade. Therefore, when laying each strand behaves differently, and sometimes hair bristling in all directions, which gives the head a slovenly appearance.

And that’s one of the reasons why gray hair it is recommended to cut short. Short hair is much easier to maintain. They are laid faster and better keep their shape.

Kare is a win-win options.

First, this hairstyle is absolutely everything. Secondly, it is easy to lay. Third, it helps to look younger women middle-aged. Fourth, there are several ways to give it shape, so that you can make a variety of image and every time a new look.

Short hair is more easy on the part of styling option. And gray shade looks on them very interesting. However, such haircuts are not for everyone, because it reveals the neck and face open, showing all their flaws and thereby making you completely defenseless.

In addition, too short hair can deprive you of your womanhood. However, if you are the owner of the delicate features of the face and correct its shape, this cut will not only ease your life but will allow you to look younger.

Curls and waves is a compromise between short hair and femininity. Keep the length of the hair, which will put them in gentle waves, making her hair more lush and interesting.

Curls also young, and gray tint for short wavy hair will look elegant.

Hairstyles, contraindicated owners of gray hair

  • Long gray hair looks not only ugly, but even frightening. Of course, on this score, opinions differ. Some pros, however, believe that long hair is a noble shade of gray is bold, stylish and luxurious. But our site is adamant in his belief: it’s creepy. This concerns both curly and straight hair.
  • Too smooth strict hairstyles – for example, a beam – throw of even very young girls for several years. Well combined with the gray hair they are able to turn an interesting youthful woman in the old lady.
  • Braids are the hairstyle that grey hair really bad “friends”. Braids are traditionally associated with youth. Therefore a silvery hue to them does not fit. No matter how much you like the current fashion for Greek hairstyles, forget about them or repaint.

Like it or not, but haircuts for gray hair – this is the best way. Choosing the right form suitable for your oval face, well-stacked and fixed, will save you from many problems and help you to look elegant and stylish.