Haircuts for medium hair summer 2018

Modern haircuts have become more dynamic and vivid. From previous models, and they are distinguished by bold style, unusual image, as well as luxurious Shine of the hair. Stylists note to be in trend, it is important to properly care for the hair. A key feature of this care is a healthy Shine of the hair. And above all, he is a fashion hair care with natural masks and hair dyes. We offer you a list of the most popular hairstyles for the summer season 2018.
Haircut in Pixie style with elongation

Pixie haircut implies a short hairstyle, which in 2018 is important to create with elements of elongation. Asymmetry is able to correct the image and make it dynamic at any level. Pixie haircut looks incredibly bright and attractive, which can be supplemented by using an elongated bangs. This haircut looks incredible and bright, with a thick asymmetrical side Bang. And besides pixie haircut prefer to create many Hollywood celebrities. If you want to make the image more vivid and attractive, choose Pixie haircut with side long bangs. It will suit the owners of an elongated face.

Haircuts for medium hair in the summer of 2018 are also presented creative asymmetrical hairstyle square. The unique quality is that it is suitable for absolutely any type of person. With the help of asymmetry, as we mentioned above, stylists adjust not only the oval of the face, but also the texture of the hair. Asymmetrical haircut caret suggests lengthening the front section of hair with only one hand. That is, if earlier in fashion there was lengthening of hair on both sides, today only asymmetry on one side is very popular. Note also the asymmetrical square with elongation on the front strand of hair and voluminous side bangs, this hairstyle will be very popular.
Another fashionable hairstyle of the new season, which has become widespread on the fashion podium is a hairstyle Messi Bob. Experts in style has designed it specially for medium length hair. It looks incredibly stylish, at the same time creative. Hairstyle in the style of Messi Bob looks incredibly three-dimensional and vivid. With multi-level sections and lengthening the front part of the hair, haircut looks dynamic and will fit women up to 40 years. This haircut has a number of features, the key of which is that it visually refreshes and rejuvenates the age. Very often stylists recommend to create this hairstyle is paired with voluminous curls. It looks incredibly creative, especially if you are creating a large Angelic curls.
If you have medium length hair, pay attention to the classic caret haircut in the new season. The classic square suggests a smooth cut line, as well as the absence of bangs. This is the only thing that distinguishes this haircut from the original version. Initially, the classic Bob, the stylists have added volume bangs at the center of the head. And today it is important to create a square without bangs with a straight parting in the center. Remember that such a haircut forms a vivid image, especially if you are the owner of a round or heart-shaped face. But the girls with an elongated face is better not to experiment with this haircut. Cleopatra haircut is very popular in the new season.
Another creative hairstyle of the new season – haircut cascade. This hairstyle will be the perfect solution for the owners of both round and elongated face. It looks stylish and creative. If you look at a modern interpretation of a haircut cascade, you will notice that this season the actual haircut cascade with an oversized extra-long bangs. It is created by many Hollywood celebrities, thereby forming a vivid image and style. Haircut cascade will be a good solution if you have thin hair that are devoid of volume. It will not only adjust the volume of hair, but also give them a beautiful shape.

Torn hair haircuts
This year, stylists recommend using torn haircuts for medium hair length. This hairstyle that form a daring image in the style of grunge. Torn hair cuts will suit absolutely everyone, especially when you consider that they look incredibly stylish and presentable. But haircuts this year stylists recommend to combine paired with big voluminous bangs, center which may be a slight parting. Pay attention to ripped hair cuts if you have thick and unruly hair.
For curly hair this year stylists recommend to choose a graduated hairstyle. They suggest with cut hair under a certain degree in addition which can be and volumetric bangs. Curly hair is incredibly naughty, which means that it is difficult to style, it is recommended to wear them with the effect of additional volume at the roots.


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