Haircuts for medium hair with bangs

Haircuts for medium hair is considered the most versatile, as are suitable to all type of appearance, given the shape of the face and hair features. With their help, you can create a daring and cute image, focusing on the right terms.

In addition, Bang enable hide almost all the shortcomings of his own face, because the bangs can be short, long, oblique, round or layered (ladder, cascade).


With this hairstyle long hair can go up to the shoulders or be slightly shorter edges with a stepwise transition or semicircular. Bob haircut is ideal for both direct and for curly hair.

This model extends the neck, making a face more elongated and softens the sharp cheekbones. Supporting this hairstyle (cut need each month), you’ll never have problems with split ends and “dead” hair.


Pixie – a dramatic haircut, which has many variations. You must first determine the length of the hair. Pixie to ear, it looks just awesome and can significantly increase the self-esteem. But consider the fact: the support of such a hairstyle requires constant styling.

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The staircase

The staircase is one with the most popular multi-layered haircuts performed in a step form. It is suitable for all hair types, whether they are thin or voluminous, straight or curly.

It changes the shape of the face well, and therefore effectively used to hide the obvious disadvantages. This hairstyle goes perfectly with any bangs.

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