Hairstyles for medium curly hair

Curls on medium hair today – the trend of fashion. Because curly hair, a woman looks several years younger than their peers with straight strands. This was also the fashion for more than thirty years ago, in the era of rock ‘n’ roll.

At home, you can make a simple hairstyle Vintage washed up on the strand, lightly towel-dried, apply the spray or foam for volume, combs. Lowers his head to put the foam on the inside of the hair on the back of the head and the root zone. Distribute evenly.

Short hair is usually curly by nature, but they are not always happy with the winner of this gift. Most locks are too strict and not suitable to perform installation. Women with this type of hair prefer a short haircut.
Hairstyles for medium curly hair, photo:

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If your hair is too short, it can be trendy today look in the style of slight negligence, causing the surface of the gel with a little “wet” effect, and slightly fluffed hair from the roots to the ends. Short length hair, you can also put the waves.
Haircuts for medium hair is considered the most versatile, as are suitable to all type of appearance, given the shape of the face and hair features. With their help, you can create a daring and cute image, focusing on the right terms.

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