Hardware or manicure?

How many people – so many opinions! This expression as applied to all spheres of life of modern society, starting from buying a handkerchief, and ending with the acquisition of oil wells. People love to argue, people love to Express their point of view, and, importantly, the opinion of each person is subjective – what is perfect to one will never suit another.

Today we will discuss about what manicure better – cut (classic) or hardware.

Hardware or manicure: which to choose?

Features edging manicure

First stop on the edging manicure. What are its main benefits?

  1. First, for those with rough hands is a sure way to lead nails in order.
  2. Second, this method of manicure contributes to a more rapid growth of the nails, and the effect of this procedure, with proper home care, can last a lot more than after hardware manicure.

The procedure of edging manicure:

  • Initially, the filing of nails.
  • Treatment cuticle softening agent.
  • The room hands in a warm bath (it is helpful to use a variety of oil or salt) for 5-8 minutes.
  • Next, push the cuticles special spatula and removed with tweezers.
  • After the procedure, the nails and cuticles apply a special nutritious oil.

We should not forget that this procedure involves a large number of risks, ranging from damage to the delicate skin of the hands, to serious infection. Is not necessary to carry out the procedure yourself if you have no experience.

Anyway, if you like manicure, you should contact the salon for a professional technician – at least at first. The procedure should not spend more than 1 time per month, also we should not forget every day to grease the hands and to eat foods that contain nutrients that strengthen hair and nails.

Features of hardware manicure

The main advantages of the procedure is a complete painless and safe. Hardware manicure is very fast and is also ideal for the ladies having thin skin and closely located vessels.

If Your nails are damaged, manicure is contraindicated hence, the hardware will be the right solution to the problem.

What is the procedure of hardware manicure?

In fact, there are no problems are there. The wizard handles the cuticle using a special electric device, similar to a thick pencil.

The advantage of carrying out hardware manicure is no need for the decoupling of the cuticle, i.e. the procedure is carried out on dry skin. During, the cuticle is freed from dead cells and, therefore, it is not necessary to completely cut off.

Each woman chooses their own way to care for nails, whether it’s hardware manicure, whether it is cut – it all depends on the desires of client and the type of her skin and nails.

As already mentioned above – how many people, so many opinions, but the most important rule of beauty is care. If a woman takes care of herself, good looks will be her companion throughout life.

Summing up, I want to mention 5-five basic rules of nail care:

  1. The use of safe materials (this applies to both manicure sets and cosmetics).
  2. Constant care, namely daily use of hand cream, as well as performing procedures to soften and moisturize the skin.
  3. A regular manicure. To care for cuticles is the most important rule of beauty nails.
  4. Eating right (your diet was full of vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of the body).
  5. Proven master of manicure. Don’t forget that the qualifications of manicurist plays a very important role. You used to go only to the proven professionals when it comes to Your health, so beauty is also need to choose carefully.

By following these simple rules, you will always be able to be proud of with their hands. Be beautiful and healthy! And what to make the design look here for Nails photos.