Hide figure flaws with clothing

There are no perfect people. Neither is completely satisfied women. That men everything is easier: they are always sure of her own irresistibility. And we women, are constantly engaged in self-blame for her own shortcomings – both imaginary and real. In the struggle with their flaws, we sometimes go to drastic measures – torturing yourself with diets fall under the surgeon’s knife, drink some miracle medications, etc., whereas sometimes it is enough just to dress properly, to figure looked, if not perfectly, then at least harmonious.

So today the website Stylish Stuff will tell you how to hide figure flaws, dressing correctly.

The problem and solutions

1. Small Breasts. The most important thing in combating this drawback is to choose the right underwear. Bras with the effect of push-up, a special foam or gel pads, bones – all of these simple techniques will help to increase your breast size a good.

A properly selected wardrobe, also will help this problem. In your Arsenal have to be things like a sheath dress, a variety of blouses, tunics, tops, dresses with a high waist, a fitted white shirt, corsets. Will also fit things such as blouses with frills, lace, drape in the chest area.

And be sure to wear neckline. Perfect shape of the neckline is V – or U-shaped. High collar will only emphasize your small size.

2. Wide hips. This is a fairly common female problem. Avoid any things that extend you on the sides – for example, side pockets, long bulky sweaters or jackets that reach mid-thigh, skirts style “Tulip”. Your disadvantage will help to hide straight or slightly flared from the hip, the trousers a dark wash.

Pay attention to straight skirts – pencil type. They will look good in combination with jackets or jackets up to the waist.

Will help the hips look more slender pants with thin vertical stripes or arrows.

3. Body fat in the waist and abdomen. This area is very insidious and is often the cause of frustration for many women. Hide imperfect tummy will help dress with a high waist – it will accentuate the chest and hide cellulite for a wide draped hem. To shift the can waist and back dress with a drop waist is quite suitable.

However, it all depends on your height and proportions. Wrap dress also will be a great decision: it will give a figure the desired feminine shape and will hide all unnecessary.

Pants and skirts with a high waist will also help to create the illusion of its presence and to hide the stomach. But from the skirts and trousers with a low rise, especially in combination with short tops, it is necessary to categorically refuse.

4. Short legs and short stature. If you’re small or large part of your growth is in the upper half of the body, to correct the situation will help dresses with a high waistline: they pulled the figure and the lower part in particular.

Try to avoid horizontal lines in clothing that will cut your figure in half: wide belts, any decorative seams and panels to the horizontal direction, sailor colors.

Avoid skirts and trousers with a low rise, they you will appear more prizemoney. And be sure to wear shoes with thin elegant heels.

5. Flat buttocks. Owners too skinny thighs not hurt to add a little volume with patch pockets, embroidery, appliqués in the area of the buttocks.

We also recommend to pay attention to any styles of skirts that give more volume to this body part: for example, the sun or Tulip.

6. Broad shoulders. Owners too sporty silhouette is recommended to wear tops and dresses with a tie at the halter neckline or corsets. We also advise you to wear low-cut things. Just avoid boat-neck – it will further expand the shoulders.

But the V – or U-neck will help to visually reduce their width.

7. Thin legs. Of course, the easiest way to hide this flaw under a skirt, Maxi or fairly loose trousers. You will have to abandon the popular jeans models – skins and black tights – they’ll keep your feet quite slender.

It is better to wear tights and bright colors – they give visual extra volume feet.

8. Weight. If you’re alert to the overall completeness, I advise you to pay attention to tselnosbornye dresses dark colours in them seem to be slimmer.

Use the magical power of the vertical stripes – it tends to visually pull the figure.

The same is true for any vertically directed, but not too large a figure.

Knowing, how to hide figure flaws, absolutely any body can be presented very effectively. However, the most important secret of the art to dress properly is a skillful focus on its merits.