high-tech interior in the style of the future

Housing should not only meet the needs of its owner in comfort and security, but also to convey the peculiarities of his character, Outlook, to reflect his tastes and preferences. To whom is the hi-tech style with the interior? On people energetic, practical, accustomed to efficiently manage your time.

If you consider yourself to precisely this type of this article you will be interesting. Our website has decided to dedicate it to the hi-tech style – how it arose, what its features, and how you can make your apartment by following his canons.

The primary source of high-tech style in the interior

Hi-tech – this name was the result of the abbreviation of the English words high technology, meaning the transfer of “high technology”. How the name implies, this style is quite young. He was born in the 60 g under the influence of science fiction, going leaps and bounds of technological progress and architectural styles of 20-30 years – especially constructivism.

Initially, high-tech originated as an architectural direction, inspired by the design of industrial buildings. However, over time this style was more widely used.

The main features of the high-tech style

What distinguishes the high-tech style and makes it unique?

First of all, functionality. In the interior is of practical importance. High-tech declined from unnecessary decorative elements that do not carry any semantic load.

However, this does not mean that the room is in the style of hi-tech looks austere and boring. The lack of ornate decorations kompensiruet bold use in the design of various materials. Glass, metal, plastic – here favorite components of the high-tech style. Concrete, stone is also held in high esteem. The tree is also used, but quite sparingly.

The high-tech style in the interior focuses on space and light. The room should be, or at least to seem large and free. In order to achieve a similar effect, using the technique of decentralization lighting. In the interior you will not find a large chandelier with a candelabra hanging in the center of the ceiling.

Lamps, floor lamps, lamps scattered throughout the room so cleverly that thanks to the unique play of light and shade possible in the desired way accents in the setting. The light sources can have the most intricate and hidden in the most unexpected places.


By the way, the color of the lamps does not necessarily have to be a classic. Sometimes use light blue or pale green, which gives the home a very non-trivial.

Colors of high-tech style is quite neutral. Preference is given to white, light beige, silver color. However, it may be a game of contrasts.


The walls in the high-tech style and sleek monochrome. Wallpaper is not in favor — at the very least solid, the above shades. Much better fit in this style of painting, the insertion of metal plates and glass, stone slabs, imitating metal. You can decorate the walls with black and white photos or modern paintings to delicate lungs within.

As for the ceiling, indoors, in the style of hi-tech, encouraged the creation of several levels of height. The ceilings are also solid.

Ideal floor covering – parquet.

And floor, and the ceiling is preferable to choose a material that creates a sparkle effect, gloss.

If this room seems too cold, you can lay on the floor carpets – plain or with a regular geometric pattern.


Furniture in the interior in the style of hi-tech is chosen according to the principle of functionality. The decor is carefully thought out, the proportions of the aged, all the lines are geometrically correct.

The quality of the materials used leather, plastic, polished metal.

The color of the furniture can be bright, contrast, standing out against the backdrop of the calm color scheme of the entire room. Black and red are favorite colors for furniture in the style of hi-tech.

Appliances built in, hidden in niches closed by doors. The surface of the furniture freed from all superfluous.

Every detail has been involved to the maximum. If coffee table, necessarily on wheels. If the bed, then certainly with drawers for linen storage. Widely used furniture-transformer.


In General, the situation in high-tech style on the jewelry is not rich. Typically, such facilities are selected a couple of parts that bear the main decorative burden. For example, a large state of the art aquarium. Or any work of modern art.

Traditional decorations such as vases, mirror frames, flower pots – made in accordance with the General concept of the home, i.e., have the correct shape and sleek design.

The high-tech style in the interior can be called a situation on the fan. To many it seems too uncomfortable, “lifeless”. However, if you think you are keeping pace with the times, and comfort for you is first of all a practicality, you will certainly appreciate the advantages of such interior.


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