How properly care for nails

Any woman would like to have a beautiful, manicured nails. In our time this task hard, but doable. However, not every woman is ready to go to a salon and spend a decent amount for a manicure, to the same temporary. But the weak nails is also not an option. There are many factors affecting them: they are harmful compositions of detergents, chlorinated water, dry air, poor diet, nail and so on. There are of course solutions to these problems.

What is the basis of beautiful and shiny nails?

Of course, food. In General, the beauty – is primarily health. You need to watch your diet: if you are not getting certain vitamins and nutrients, this affects your nails, they flake and lose its luster.

What do you need to nail?

  • Calcium. In a lot of it in fish, milk and dairy products. Also good sources of calcium is the sesame seed, cheese and wheat bran.
  • Gelatin, which is also necessary, is contained in meat.
  • Sulfur it contains in green vegetables.
  • The iodine contained in seafood
  • Vitamin A is found in yellow, red and green fruits and vegetables. Most of these vitamin rich carrots, apricots, pumpkin, parsley and spinach.
  • Sources of vitamin E, without which we also cannot do are nuts, seeds, spinach, and broccoli. Also there is this vitamin in potatoes, carrots and green onions.
  • Magnesium. They are rich in nuts, bananas, blackberries, potatoes and cereals.

Of course, even a proper diet is an important component beautiful and strong nails, this is often not enough.

You have no loss of the above vitamins and substances? So, it’s time to get serious.

Folk remedies for nail care

In our time, how many harmful substances which destroy our nails, and so useful that heal, restore and give beauty. There are many tools that are able to return them to former glory and health, but not everyone should be trusted. Were and still are tested folk remedies for nail care.


First, it is a lemon. This is a truly fabulous fruit that will give your nails Shine and lighten them. And “treat” them with lemon is a snap: just need to cut the fruit into 2 halves and put them at your fingertips. Keep this way for about five minutes.

There is another way “lemon” treatment – gently massage a lemon peel the nail plate. Each nail should be given approximately 30 seconds. In addition, the lemon peel will also moisturize the cuticle, making it less rough.

By the way, lemon in this plan could replace the orange. You can not only “treat” your nails, but also enjoy the flesh of this wonderful citrus fruit.


As mentioned earlier, in products that strengthen the nails, and iodine. But if seafood is for some reason not used, in such a case there is a bath with iodine in warm water to dissolve a little of this substance, and keep her nails in ten minutes. Easy and simple!

Sea salt

Sea salt will help to restore and accelerate growth. Why not take advantage of it? It should dissolve in warm water and submerge your fingers for fifteen to twenty minutes.


Now about creams and ointments. Nail growth can be slightly accelerated using the cream 30 ml. of aloe juice, 2 tablespoons of cream, oils of Seabuckthorn, calendula and burdock – all 40 ml. This cream should be applied on the nails and cuticles.

How to properly care for nails

There are dozens, hundreds of recipes for strengthening, many ways to make them shiny and beautiful. And to return to the hands of grooming is quite easy, because there are so many creams and ointments to care for them.

Here are some tips for nail care:

  • In the winter and just cold grease hands with a special cream every day — so you save not only the health of your nails and skin.
  • In the cold season don’t forget the gloves. It’s a must. They should be soft and comfortable.
  • Wear appropriate rubber gloves when using various detergents. Chemicals harmful for the skin of hands and nails.
  • Use a moisturizer after each hand washing.
  • You better have a small manicure set. So you won’t be spending a fortune in salons, but your nails will be maintained.

Most importantly — do not forget about these tips. No baths and ointments don’t help, if you every day to expose the nails of chemistry and cold wind. Should take care of their nails and hands, because his hands — a business card. And health is perhaps the main basis of human beauty.