How to apply colored lacquer

Decorative manicure, done efficiently, plays a role not only complement the overall image, but will help to hide the deficiencies (with the right choice of colors you can adjust the shape of the nail). The main thing — the correct choice of color or combinations thereof. It should also take into account the makeup and outfit – appropriate to the selected tone, also plays a role time of day, and attend the event.

Rules of applying the pigmented varnish

Process cover nails colored lacquer takes place in three basic steps:

— nail basis. This event should hold after the skin of the hands and nails are completely degreased, all impurities are removed, otherwise the application will be poor and the result will not please you.

The substrate in order to smooth out the roughness of the surface and increase the duration of “wearing” nail Polish. The application should start with the thumb, then the transition from the little finger to everyone else (this will prevent smudging of varnish);

— painting with colored lacquer surface. Colored lacquer applied to the nails after complete drying of the Foundation. The sequence of application is the same as that in the first stage. Varnish nail should occur in three stages. You first need to draw a line in the center of the nail plate from the cuticle to the nail edge (a slight movement), then do the same with each side of the center.

The quality of the result is directly determined by the amount of time spent with a brush and varnish to the nail (you need to aim to a minimum, this will reduce the likelihood of irregularities). Once dry, paint can be applied a re-coat.

— applying a layer of lacquer-fixer. Finishing touch the application of a colored lacquer. The nail fixer will help a longer period of time to maintain the high quality appearance of the manicure. The paint, caught randomly on the skin, can be easily removed using a cotton swab dipped in liquid varnish remover, preferably acetone free.

If you want to make decorative manicures should be taken into consideration:

  • the color should be combined with rings worn on fingers;
  • the nails is better than “torment” in this event, and to give preference to hygienic manicure, so as not to worsen the situation;
  • before applying the varnish jar with the contents is to roll between your fingers not to shake, because otherwise there may be bubbles that will ruin the whole manicure.

Qualitatively made manicure not only complement the image, but also raise the spirits. About the stamping nail here.