How to choose a bra

Today, the website Stylish is going to talk to you about such a delicate subject of women’s wardrobe as a bra. We all know that it is an important tool in the Arsenal of female beauty. With the help of it you can give the breast the desired shape, make a line neckline seductive, and at the same time – what a sin to conceal – to create the illusion that your breast size larger than it actually is. However, in order for the bra did its job, it must perfectly fit you.

Fact, how to choose the bra that best fits your needs, and the focus of this article.


How to choose a bra suitable for your size

Bra size is determined by the set of numbers and letters, which digit indicates the underbust girth in cm, and the letter is the fullness of the cups. In order to determine the last index, you must measure your bust at the most prominent of its points. And to make it better in the bra, not the body. Further, from this value, subtract the rate of volume under the chest. The resulting figure will determine the Cup size of the bra:

— 12-14 cm — Cup And

— 14-16 cm — In Cup

— 16-18 cm — Cup

— 18-20 cm — Cup D

— 20-22 cm — Cup E

— 22-24 cm — Cup F

How to choose the style of bra

With the size we decided. But the market is such a huge range of different styles of the same size. How do you know which one is right for you? We will have a brief overview of the main models, so you could navigate in them and to decide what to choose.

It should be noted that although every woman has a favorite form of bra in the wardrobe needs to have several different models.

— Showing bra. This style has open cups hiding the Breasts only half. Of course, this model allows the Breasts look very seductive. Designed on a rather revealing dress or blouse. Showing the bra is divided into two main types: “Bold neck” and “Angelica”. The difference between them is that the shape of the cups in the first case focused more on the V-neck and the second on the square.

The underwire bra lifts the Breasts, fixes it and makes it more appetizing. This formative type of bra. A very practical model.

— Many believe that the inventors of bras with the effect of push-up necessary to give the Nobel prize. In translation it means “lift”. This model allows not only to lift the chest, but as if to put her forward due to the fact that the bra cups are connected by a special braid, which brings the chest together and makes them even more enticing. This style comes with extra padding to give volume, and without it.

A bra with removable straps (Strapless). The appointment of such a construction is clear: if you plan to wear a dress with bare shoulders, it is not the price. These bras are usually quite hard and sitting tight on the body. However, the owners of the busts, they are unlikely to fit.

— Bras with special inserts to increase the volume. Forgive us men these harmless tricks. Such inserts can be made of foam and gel. They are removable – invested in the holes in the cups of bras. So you can safely get. There is, however, the model Aqua-Bra (Aquabra) – with integrated panels filled with water. This model of bra allows to significantly increase the volume, but it is very heavy.

— Fully enclosed bra is suitable for owners of magnificent forms. The cups of this bra entirely cover the breast and smoothly into the straps.

Bustier – it is rather a-corset. It is equipped with bones. Can be with straps or without. Has a rigid shape and length just above the waist. The objective of such design is not only to raise and fix the breast, but also to create the effect of utgivna in the torso area.

This is not a complete classification of existing models of bras. As they say, choose for the soul. Well, for body of course.

Important nuances

And finally, remember a few principles that should be considered when choosing such an important part of the wardrobe.

1. The task of the bra for large Breasts, in addition to the aesthetic – to help you to be proud to carry this “wealth”. Therefore, all the supporting elements, such underwear should be tight enough and reliable: the straps are wide, the clasp is strong.

Cup should be roomy, so as not to compress the breast. Under the breast is recommended for a wide elastic strip.

2. The chest is a very delicate area. Therefore it is not advised to endure in this field any discomfort. Straps should not RUB. Bone – dig into the skin. The bra should not hinder you to move or to breathe. In fact, incorrectly chosen lingerie might cost you more than you think, sometimes it turns into headaches, numbness in hands, pain in shoulder and other troubles.

3. And yet, how to choose the brathat’s perfect for you? Key stage – fitting. Avoid the temptation to buy a bra in the subway without trying. Underwear can not be returned or exchanged.

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