How to choose a manicure

It is impossible to imagine a woman who would feel comfortable and confident without a good manicure. Because with a choice of manicure encountered almost every modern girl. And decided it is not immediately. Sometimes you have to around a dozen specialists before finding a manicure that suits you. About manicure on short nails, please click here.

How to choose a manicurist

To reduce the time searching, you should approach the choice wisely, paying attention to the following points:

1. Do not rush to sign up to the expert, without knowing in advance the opinion about him from other customers. It can be your friend, neighbor, colleague. If the master has its own website, go to it and read the reviews. Perhaps someone will be able to contact by phone and ask about the manicure in more detail.

2. If the purpose of the meeting, the master says that can record you at any time think about it. If the specialist so much free work time, most likely, he has no regular customers, and that means his professionalism is no doubt.

3. Came to the meeting, ask the education and experience of the master. Look around, usually all diplomas and certificates hung on the walls in frames. They should read, to understand, how long and what courses have been passed.

A true professional does not stop to improve and tries to improve skills as often as possible. If before you a young professional, he is obliged to warn you about it. And the price for services should be significantly reduced.

4. Pay attention to the room in which you are. The room should be bright light, fresh air and perfect cleanliness. Invalid signs held up to you procedure.

Appearance of manicure is also important. It needs to radiate sterility, because it affects your health.

Only, don’t expect too much upscale manicure on hands of a specialist. He has to deal with harmful solutions and tools, so it is enough that it will be nice and neat nails.

5. Ask about the brands of products that are used by the manicurist to work with. Very well, if it is one firm, so she studied the master well, once she really trusts. In addition, the compatibility of the products of one company higher.

If used several brands, make sure that they are all high quality and safe. Better if it’s well-known brands care about their image, so do not allow themselves to marriage in the production.

6. Ask how the processing tools. All instruments must be sterilized in a special steam or air sterilizer. They are pre-washed under running water and kept in a special dezinficiruyusch solution. Before beginning each work opened Kraft-pack sterile with a full set of manicure tools.

7. When the work started, follow the algorithm of the ongoing manipulation. In the art of manicure has its own standards, which are required to adhere to all the experts. First, remove the previous manicure, soften cuticles and the skin around the nail, shape the nail plate.

Then superimposed based, decorative paint, top and apply a top coat. In complex manicure work needs to be done, but they do not violate the General scheme.

8. Price. If price is seriously undervalued, look for pitfalls. A true professional, confident in the high quality of their work, will not reduce the cost of their services to attract more customers. But overvaluation is often unjustified, so it is better to seek the master in the middle price segment.

When you find best for the masters of nail service, your pens, from now on, will always be beautiful and healthy!