How to choose a massage bath for the feet

More recently, the foot bath began to appear in showrooms. And now this good for health and pleasing to the tactile attribute can afford every woman. Forget about the heavy legs after a busy day on cracked heels, we will help a hot bath. You only need to choose it properly, in addition, the price range varies from 30$ to 180$, for every, as they say, wealth. Naturally, the higher the price, the more features in the proposed model.

The purpose of the hot baths

1. First, it is a whirlpool, which, in fact, it was invented. Water moves in the form of a whirlwind than relaxes the legs and eliminates fatigue.

2. Secondly, the vibratory. Vibration and water jets combined into one option, achieving the maximum result. Especially if the bottom of the trays is not smooth, but with built-in rollers. The strength of the vibration you need to check even when choosing a model, as the power control they are usually not, and the vibration force can be intense enough that not everyone will like.

3. Mode a Jacuzzi. It gives the opportunity not just to relax and plunge into the realm of bliss.

4. Many models are embedded magnets, allowing you to quickly remove the feeling of heaviness and strengthen blood flow.

5. Infra-red radiation. It dilates blood vessels and the feet feel a bit warm.

6. Heating of water. The cooled water fun bath does not get it. You can, of course, immediately pour the heated water, but she’s still cool. And the warming function keeps the temperature in comfort mode 40’C.

Choosing such a wonderful thing, don’t forget to pay attention to the dimensions of the device. Certainly, experience the jets will want all your family members, and forty-fifth the size it can not fit.

7. Dry massage. This is for the more expensive models. If you’re ticklish, can exclude the presence of this function when choosing a bath, it will not work.

8. The remote and timer. Also found in expensive models of Bullets needed in order to control all functions without bending down every time to the bath. And the timer is for those who during the procedure, can’t sleep from the enjoyment.

9. Each bath is equipped with nozzles for a pedicure, a different brush, pumice other necessary things. To use models with detachable nozzles easier than with the integrated ones. Keep this in mind when buying.

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