How to choose belt for figure

Every woman knows about the magic power of accessories. Tastefully and skillfully placed accents in your way we can even the most humble outfit to make the “tune up”. Most of the accessories perform a purely decorative function. However, such useful thing as a belt that can not only beautify us. First of all, it supports the clothes. Besides, knowing the secrets of how to choose the belt, you can adjust the figure and emphasize its advantages. Today, the website Stylish Stuff will share with you these tricks.

How to choose the zone depending on the characteristics of the shape

All things, the task of which is to emphasize the figure are the fitted silhouette. The feature of the female body – a smooth transition from hips to waist and from waist to chest. Baggy clothes, devoid of shape and silhouette of this square or rectangular shape, yet never made it. Belt is one accessory that should accentuate the feminine proportions of the figure.

However, not all we can boast of a perfect addition from nature. Therefore forced to resort to various tricks in clothes.

— If you are the owner of a figure type “hourglass”, you are to be envied. In this case the belt should become your best friend. Can experiment with its width and texture. However, it should be at the waist – because it is your main advantage.

— If you have a heavy top – ample bosom and massive shoulders – it is better to give preference to thin belts. They give the figure of grace, make it visually more fragile.

— If you naturally have a slender build and small stature, it is too large, wide straps with heavy buckles you are contraindicated. On the background of bulky accessories your addition will be even more noticeable.

— If you are large and overweight, the most important thing is not to pull them hard with a belt in an attempt to look slimmer. There is nothing more absurd than hanging over the belt folds. Preference is given to medium or wide belts. But remember, the belt should not create a bright contrast line cutting your body in half, otherwise it will accentuate your fullness.

I suggest you to pay attention to the model zones that color will be darker in tone clothing, or fit harmoniously into the overall ensemble and not be evident.

— With a thin elegant belt can accentuate the narrow waist. But if the waist is not among your virtues, and even a protruding abdomen spoils the picture, a dense wide belt will correct the matter: he will pull all the excess and smooth out too angular silhouette.

This option is especially effective look, for example, in combination with the pencil skirt with a slightly high waist and full top, visually widening the shoulders. Owners of sports boyish silhouette of the “rectangle” can recommend bright contrasting slim belt combined with a fluffy skirt of the type “sun”.

— If you different wide hips combined with narrow shoulders and small chest (addition, typical figures of type “pear”), then you are recommended to emphasize the waist with a belt and combine dark bottom and light top in clothing.

Moreover, it is desirable that the top part of your dress was fluffy enough – this will allow you to adjust the proportions in the right direction. The worst possible idea – a wide belt at the hips.

As you can see, the ability to fit the belt to the ensemble can do a good job of helping you to model your own figure, highlighting its advantages and disadvantages grimiruyas.

How to choose a belt to clothing

We women are often prone to spontaneous purchases. So if you like to showcase a beautiful strap, an honest answer to the question: is it appropriate to at least three things in your closet? If not, don’t clutter up the wardrobe with another accessory without a specific destination.

In every woman’s wardrobe should be classic strap in black or brown colors, suitable for jeans and under office skirt and under pants.

The belt should fit into the overall concept of your outfit in color and style. It may be the only bright and eye-catching detail in your image. And maybe a gentle touch. The most important thing – the harmony, color, texture, size, finish of your belt to your costume.

If you pick up a belt for a feminine dress style of the 50’s – fitted with full skirt – you’ll look good in slim elegant strap. And you can replace the belt dressy silk ribbon – so you will look more charming.

If you combine, say, a tunic straight silhouette with jeans, the belt will look perfect on the hips. In this kit will perfectly fit ethnic strap.

Well, tight dress, figure-hugging, it’s best to complement a wide belt.

I hope that you understand the basic principles of how to choose the belt under clothes and the figure. Don’t be afraid to try different combinations because some things can be assessed only in the process of fitting.

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