How to choose boots: a brief guide

To choose a suitable shoes is much more complicated than clothes. Buying cheap, not too high quality blouses you unlikely to face serious trouble. Then as insufficiently careful choice of shoes can not only spoil your appearance, but also affect the condition of your health. When purchasing shoes, we should first think about comfort and functionality, and the second about the aesthetic side. But great shoes should be “three in one” — robust, comfortable, beautiful.

About how to choose the bootsthat meet all these criteria, I will tell you the website Stylish. The more that they purchase, there are certainly many women are now on the agenda.

How to choose boots

Check the quality

1. First, you need to understand that shoes made of natural materials is much more comfortable for feet than faux. But the use of synthetic components in the manufacture of shoes is quite common and, in principle, not criminal.

However the synthetic can be sole, not the shaft or the block. Footwear with outer soles of leather found in reputable retail stores and costs accordingly. It will certainly be very easy, but walking in these boots you can max from the front door to the car.

So, buying boots on a leather sole, immediately go to the Shoe repair and do they roll forward.

2. Carefully check how the stitched boots. Quality shoes features a smooth neat stitching, without loose threads and missed stitches.

3. Conducted a thorough visual inspection of the surface of the Shoe. It should be no fading, stains, adhesive residue and other foreign matter.

4. Accessories – separate article. Moreover, the guarantee does not apply to it. Meanwhile, replacement of lightning can fly a pretty penny, but detached detail can completely ruin the appearance of the boots. So when you are choosing boots, pay attention as strongly fixed elements. Zipper should zip up easily and freely, never clinging.

Make sure when zipping is not trapped fabric or fur.

5. Boots are not suitable for winter, and Vice versa. So don’t try to purchase a generic version is false economy.


1. Do not believe sellers who claim that wearing boots 37 size will stretch to 38. Even if the boots of your dreams, it is not necessary to throw out money, if they’re small. As well as big.

2. Try on both boots. Walk around the store, see if you.

3. It is very important to choose the right heel. Here, the key criterion is the purpose of the boot. If you’re going to walk in them every day, and a personal car has not yet started, there is a preferred model of boots on a stable heel or on the geisha.

Although, of course, boots heels look impressive and suit almost any clothes.

It is no secret that heels are a weak spot any Shoe. They often break down. Moreover, the replacement of heels is not cheap. Sometimes after this the comfortable boots suddenly become uncomfortable if you ran into a not very conscientious master. Therefore, choosing boots, pay attention to the slope of the heel: if the heel is slightly deflected outwards, it will quickly break. In addition, it is important that the heel was in the same plane as the sole. Make sure that the attachment area of the heel to the sole was big enough.

External factor

When we choose shoes, we are guided first and foremost an aesthetic sense, and only then evaluate on the remaining items. This is normal. Most importantly, the beauty of boots is not drowned in you reason.

The appearance of the boot is also determined by their purpose. If you’re looking for a versatile option, it is necessary to dwell on boots classic style, brown or black.

The white boots look very elegant and charming. But, unfortunately, they quickly lose their gloss.

However, now you can find boots almost any color. Most importantly, buying a non-standard model of boots, you have to keep in mind a minimum of 3 options combined with them sets of clothing. Does it make sense to buy a pair of shoes, then if it has to update the entire wardrobe?

However, remember enough to know how to choose boots. Even the best quality shoes will quickly become worthless if it is not looked after correctly.

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