How to choose clutch

The clutch is a staple in the Arsenal of any self-respecting fashionista. It is a stylish accessory, but also carries a significant functional load — figuratively speaking, of course. Much it can carry. A clutch is a small purse. In the view of most clutch wear in the hand. However, the presence of a chain or strap does not deprive a bag of this proud title. Clutch bag is the thing for special event. It is not good for shopping or for work.

Today’s article website Stylish devotes how to choose a clutchthat best suits your style, needs and format of the event for which it is intended.

How to choose a clutch: the principles of achieving harmony of the image

The variety of clutches on the market today is simply amazing. Designers surpass each other in quality, creativity, finish and shape of these popular small bags. When deciding on the choice, you need to come primarily from their individual needs.

It’s one thing if you want to buy a universal thing that will help you out at corporate events, banquets and other similar events. And quite another to buy a clutch bag for a specific outfit.

Let’s start with the texture

The most popular materials for the manufacture of clutches is leather, suede, satin, velvet. However, you can find clutch bags and plastic, and fur and from a variety of tissues.

Leather clutch bags, of course, remain the most versatile models. They will be suitable for a simple little black dresses, and luxurious evening. In addition, they can complement and office style, perfectly combined with a business suit. Of course, if you don’t have to carry a laptop or a pile of documents.

The only thing – never try to fit the clutch with sporty style, regardless of his finish, color and material from which it is made.

If you like a velvet or satin clutch, keep in mind that these materials are associated with luxury, so your outfit must meet them. Rich evening dress will be the best company for such handbags.

Textile clutches will complement a more simple evening look. In addition, depending on the finishes, they can fit into both casual and youth style.

Keep in mind that each material requires proper care. It is better to buy necessary money immediately.

Now let’s talk about the decor

Here in front of you opens a truly limitless space options. Clutches can be quite laconic and modest decor – and the easier it will be to find the application. But modern clutches can be a a real work of art. They can be decorated with sequins, beads, embroidery, feathers, fur, pearls…. Just not listed.

To buy such stylish things, of course, necessary for the specific dress. If your outfit is embroidered with beads, it would be appropriate to choose and clutch bag with similar decor. If you’re planning to adorn themselves with jewelry made of pearls, pearl blotches on handbag will make your look harmonious and logically complete. Not nagamochi ensemble mix of different decorative elements.

Because the clutch is very bright and noticeable accessory, and it needs to be in a stylistic unity with your way.

As for color….

The clutch should not blend with the dress – otherwise what’s the point? Ideally, clutch bag contrast color with your outfit.

Now, about the shoes

The rule that shoes must be the same color as the bag, already out of date. But the clutch should be in harmony with the shoes texture and finish. In addition, shoes and high-heeled sandals, the only footwear that goes well with the clutch. No boots, no loafers or ballet flats are not suitable.

Take care of your own comfort

Clutches are a priori small. But in any case, the without any the things you just can’t live a single hour. And make sure they fit in your chosen bag. But the list of needed items reduce to a minimum: the form of a clutch should not deform the result of your attempts to cram in it that barely fits in your everyday bag.

Besides, remember that clutches are still advised to hold, not to wear on the strap. Therefore, if he is very heavy, you will elementary uncomfortable.

I hope that our tips about how to choose a clutch bag, will help you to enrich your wardrobe with this lovely thing, which will be used for the purpose, and not mired in the depths of your closet unused.