How to choose formal dress for girls

Graduation in kindergarten, Christmas party, birthday of your daughter in the life of a lot of reasons to dress up. With the boys in terms of clothing is much simpler: they are not as an important factor of visual appeal, and the criteria of competition the guys are somewhat different – not related to clothing. Dress up the girl, especially when it comes to a celebration, much more difficult. For the same level of physical activity that boys, girls distinguishes the desire for beauty, the desire to look the best (or at least not worse than others) and the constant comparison with each other.

If you are in a quandary about how to choose formal dress for girls, our website hurry to help you.

Selection criteria formal dresses for girls

Choosing outfit for a celebration, you should consider several important points. Party dress for your little girl – it’s not just clothes. The event for which it is acquired, and the feelings that your daughter in time he will experience is an important milestone in the development of her young female personality. So you should treat such events closely, even if you think that this is another useless idea of women or the ridiculous idea of non-working mothers with nothing else to do.

Getting started choosing dresses, keep in mind the following tenets:

Dress should emphasize the individuality of your crumbs, to Express the uniqueness of her personality. Therefore, it is important that it is not trivial, so that the young fashionista is not merged with a crowd of their own kind, and at the same time focused on her most winning traits. Of course you think your daughter is absolutely beautiful from head to toe. And we totally agree with you! But it certainly is her highlight, which can become her calling card. For example, amazing green eyes can be emphasized by choosing a dress of the appropriate color.

— The child has the right to vote. Let her Express your wishes. Start together to view the pictures with the dresses. She is involved in the selection. Give her a variety of models. Your job is to gently guide the taste of the child in the right direction and explain her criteria for the right choice. Of course, with young topramezone is sometimes so difficult to negotiate. But it will be a great training on communication for you.

— Having defined the style, do not forget that the child should be in comfortable dress is essential. Here, too, it is important not to succumb to provocations little sneaky. Children, if the thing they like very much, ready to convince parents that they are absolutely comfortable, even if it is not so. So check personally that the dress fabric is quite soft, the seams are not rough, clasps that don’t cut into the skin. Otherwise the baby runs the risk of spoiling a holiday.

It is important to find the perfect balance of cut, style and fabric. Formal dress for girls should not be overloaded with details. For example, it is unnecessary to be in that corset dress, stiff petticoat. One should not buy a tight, chilling the movement of the dress.

And of course, match the style of dress with the format of the event.

— Going to some celebration, the girl learns to behave, right to move, to impress, to flirt and to establish social contacts. All these skills are very useful in her adult life. So try to see the whole image of your little lady had 5 points and hairstyle, shoes, and handbag and ornaments. After all, you already know: if you’re smartly dressed and stylishly coiffed, feel feminine and irresistible, think that it’s on the shoulder. Appearance is a powerful weapon of every woman. So there is nothing wrong with that from an early age to teach daughter use them wisely.

— Traditional colors for children’s formal dresses – pink and blue. However, avoid clichés. It is possible to choose white, pale yellow, light purple, emerald, green color. All of them are quite suitable for formal dresses. Very fashionable trend to do children’s clothes in the image and likeness of the adult. However, you should not try to portray the daughter of a fatal beauty and dress her in a too dark color.

— Of all the styles most of the girls loved ball gown dress a La a little Princess. It has lush long skirt with a crinoline or petticoat of many — and form-fitting top. Perhaps, every girl should have at least one such formal dress. Although this model does not claim to practicality, do not deprive the daughter of a fairy tale – she will feel like Cinderella at the ball. Only suggest you to choose a model that has lacing that allows to adjust the width of the bodice.

However, the styles of evening dresses very much. It is played with a long straight skirt at floor and Empire waist. And the image of the little angel – air short dress with lots of flounces and ruffles. And dress doll – type tape pokazyvaya waist and skirt below the knees with podobnikar. You can pick up a lot of options depending on the age of the crumbs, it tastes and scale of the event.

Turn selection of formal dresses for girls in fun game. In the end, dress your little beauty is such a pleasure!


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