How to choose jeans — get your pair

Could you imagine a Jewish immigrant from Bavaria, when, in 1853 in San Francisco has released their first pair of jeans that many years later, his clothes will be absolutely universal? Lee came to his mind that it would not only be gold-diggers and miners, which, in fact, she meant, and all sectors of society – executives and movers, models and Housewives, students and business people? Whether he allowed that the clothing they invented, will be approached as a coherent and complete as teenagers and adults?

And of course, even in his wildest fantasies he never imagined that his invention would go on a date and in night clubs and on secular parties, on trips and to work. But nevertheless, it is with jeans and happened!

Today it is difficult to imagine a man’s wardrobe without at least one pair of jeans. Their absence could only mean that he does not know how to choose jeans. This issue and devoted a website Stylish for this article.

Your favorite size

A real woman needs to be guided in size. The easiest way to determine the size of jeans, not to much to bother: his usual clothing size take 16. Let’s say you are 44-th size clothing. Accordingly, you need to choose jeans 28 size.

An important point when buying jeans: you must select a tightly fitting model or even a size smaller. Made from cotton stretch jeans very quickly. So don’t be intimidated that the jeans barely tie on the first fitting.

Of course, if jeans absolutely do not want to agree on you, it is not so to persist in their desire to get involved: wear too tight jeans is harmful as it leads to poor circulation.

Your favorite color

Today you can easily find and pink and green and orange jeans. However, the traditional denim colors – black and blue. And of course their shades. Therefore, choosing the color of jeans, focuses primarily on where you’re going to wear them. At work, even if you have a Friday jeans day, and made to wear plain jeans, no scuffs, rivets and even more holes.

And of course, do not neglect the common rules of selection of colors on the figure. Rememberthat light colors make you look heavier, and dark, on the contrary, slimming. Take into account that the vertical scratches are on the center of the hips, visually lengthen the leg and elongate the figure, but with similar effects in the buttocks need to be very careful.

How to choose jeans for the figure

Well, the most important criterion for the selection of jeans – a stylethat best fits your figure. Will have a brief tour of the main models of jeans.

— Slim, or tabernacle: tapered throughout its length. This model now enjoys high popularity. In fact, it’s hard not to appreciate its practicality. They usually stretch, so do not hinder movements. Looks very nice, being tucked into high boots. It is very comfortable – don’t struggle every day to clean out splashed knee-deep mud jeans. However, we must understand that this model of jeans leaves no room for imagination. Therefore, it is recommended first of all, of course, long-legged and slender.

— Wide-leg jeans. This is an option for those who are not accustomed to endure discomfort. Look baggy and even a little sloppy. Good camouflage imperfect form of the legs and cellulite on thighs. However, if you have hips too wide, this model of jeans will only emphasize them. These jeans also called Baggy. Keep in mind: this model is good not for all and not everywhere.

— Jeans, tight thighs and dramatically flared from the knees. Country style – they call this option of jeans. This model will make legs visually slimmer. However, if your hips are hateful to us women, “breeches”, it is better to avoid this model.

— Jeans with a low rise, a fitted (but not waist) thighs and slightly flared below the knee. This is one of the most popular styles of jeans. It’s called Boot Cut. These jeans are a godsend for girls with a pear-shaped figure. They visually neutralize the effect of heavy thighs and large buttocks and line shape distortions.

Classic or Regular Fit. These jeans have a simple straight cut. They are visually slimming. Tight, but not tight body. This jeans model can be called universal: it is possible to go to the party and to work and out shopping. Main thing is to choose them so that they are good at is sitting in your figure.

And jeans classic style is a basic thing in your wardrobe, choose neutral colors and simple design – no chafing, rivets, etc.

The classic should be a classic. These jeans can be combined with blouses, jumpers, jackets, t-shirts; shoes for them loafers, sandals, pumps; to bring large roomy bag or elegant clutch bags.

In short, experiment on health. Depending on how you’re going to pick up the remaining items of clothing, jeans can be the main member of any ensembles.

We hope that we have answered the question of how to choose jeans. It only remains to add that in order to make the right choice, you need to patiently try to look for your model and not give up. Good shopping!


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