How to choose shoes

Surely you heard what shoes and bag is the business card of the woman. With this postulate you can agree or not. However, the fact remains that if you save on the dress or blouse it is possible, cheap shoes fall apart quickly, and carry her uncomfortable, and she looks, quite frankly… cheap! In addition, wearing poor quality shoes can lead to much greater consequences than buying a Chinese blouse on the market. It is dangerous for your legs and spine. Therefore, the choice of shoes should be approached more consciously than to the other items of clothing.

So, today’s topic, that I decided to cover the site sweet home Alabama – how to choose shoes.

How to choose shoes is the main criteria


Choose the style of shoes should be according to their intended purpose. Of course, we all enclosed in a rigid framework of fashion trends. Nevertheless, there are classic versions that transcends time.

In General, choosing a style of shoes, you should consider the following points.

Rounded nose makes the foot shorter, “child”. So if you are the owner of brutal foot size, this option is for you.

Pointy toe, on the contrary, will help to visually add size, besides, it looks better, for example, pants with arrows.

— Shoes with a blunt nose look harsh, but they repeat the form of the legs, therefore, are the most comfortable.

Therefore, choosing shoes, consider where and how often are you going to walk in them, and compare them with your settings. Aesthetics is not the only factor that determines the choice.


This is, perhaps, not less important moment. To begin with, decide whether to be a heel or not be. Of course, the heel will decorate any figure, making it slimmer, legs longer. That’s why our website strongly recommends them to you.

Perhaps the only reason to give up on heels – if you’re growth players. Believe me, if the shoes are high quality, and the heel chosen correctly, it should not cause discomfort when walking.

The maximum heightthat doctors consider safe for health is 8 cm, and it is recommended for girls taller than 175 cm For ladies lower is better to choose a heel height of 5 cm.

If you want to flaunt on high heels, you will have to accept this model as an option for output, not for everyday wear.

In addition to the height, the important role played by the shape of the heel. So, women who are overweight need to consider that the shoes with thin heel not only aesthetically pleasing looks, but also dangerous to health. It is better to choose chunky heel.

If the heel wasn’t too familiar, a great alternative can do a shoes with a narrow platform: it simulates the heel, looks as elegant while these shoes are more stable and puts less strain on your feet.


It is obvious that the genuine leather shoes are much better suited to feet than all other materials. Leather shoes take the form of foot and therefore does not RUB. In that “breathes”. Leather shoes versatile for any weather and time of year.

Of course, it is more expensive than leatherette or textile. But and last these shoes longer.

Color and decor

Here it all depends on the purpose of these shoes. If it’s the shoes for a particular occasion, you need to select them based on the concept of your outfit. If you choose a model for each day, we recommend you to stop on a black, beige or brown – they are universal.

As for the color combination of the shoes the color of the bag, today the rule with a more democratic approach. Bag and shoes, of course, should be combined, but not necessarily 100% of contact color.

If you’re choosing shoes for the office, and in General plan to actively exploit them, it is better to stay on the classic model without any additional bells and whistles in the form of rivets, bows, roses, etc. Even if you have to work no strict requirements for the dress code, these items are quite short-lived and quickly fall off.


Making sure that the chosen model of shoes meets all the important criteria for you, you can start fitting. This process is important to come up with a cool head, not letting the emotions drown out the voice of common sense.

Shoes better to try on a thin sock.

— Remember that the foot needs to feel the shoes rather freely.

— Bear in mind that by the evening the leg usually swells, and if you choose the right shoes, it will be very perceptible.

— The fingers should not tighten toe shoes.

— Shoe soles should be soft. Any, even the most minor rubbing able a few hours to become inquisitorial torture.

Be sure to try on both shoes and a little walk around the store – some disturbances begin to manifest themselves after some time, and it is better that it happened before you carry the shoes to the checkout.

Knowing how to choose shoes, you will minimize the number of failed purchases. Do not give in to flattering entreaties sellers, think through in advance what you expect from the shoes and buy shoes trusted brands.

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