How to choose the color of your clothing

The little woman choose the right style dress accentuates all the charm of her figure. Not less important task – to dress in the right colours – it is supposed to make your character harmony, to set off your beauty and let your natural colors to play in full force.

But how to choose the color that perfectly suits you? Blindly follow fashion? But it is changeable and not universal. To choose on the principle of “like/dislike”? But, unfortunately, not everything that we like, suits us. Many go further: choose the color according to the sign of the zodiac. Imagine if the Scorpions would go only in the yellow, and the Fish – only in blue?

Site Stylish know how to choose the color of clothing, and are willing to share information with you.

How to choose the color of clothing for the season

We mean not the time of year, and type refers to your looks. As practice shows, people, unless of course they are not completely devoid of taste, intuitively choose those things that harmonize with their type of appearance. If the same person puts into something, it is not combined with its natural coloring, it immediately catches the eye.

So, what are the types of appearances exist, and what colors are preferred for each category:

Type “summer”. This type correspond to brown hair (dark or light doesn’t matter, but not black). Eyes – gray, greenish-gray or blue. The skin has a delicate light olive or pink tint.

If you’re a “summer”, feel free to wear the clothes of pink, blue, pistachio, lilac, purple flowers.

Type “autumn”. “Autumn” people – the holders of red or Golden hair. Eyes – brown, dark grey or green. Freckles are quite common for representatives of this type. Skin or white, Matt or brown.

Recognize yourself in the description of the “fall”? You should look at the clothes the red-yellow range. All the colors of autumn – red, yellow, olive, apricot, Golden, copper, turquoise – good for you.

Type “winter”. Girls-“winter” — bright and noticeable. These include owners of hair of black and dark brown. Eyes – brown, black, dark green or dark blue. Leather or porcelain, light, or dark, olive.

Holders of this type of appearance can afford bright shades – lemon yellow, black, white, deep blue, rich red.

Type “spring”. The spring type is characterized by a bright, Golden tint (not platinum) hair, light green or blue eyes and soft pinkish or peach skin.

Dress “spring” the girls need in the most warm, natural shades of terracotta, coral, peach, bronze, brown.

Simple technique of selecting colors

However, there is one “but”: not every woman can be attributed to any pure type. After all, we often repaint hair, apply the tone to the skin and sometimes wear colored contact lenses. Perhaps hair color is the “weak link” in determining our appearance – it’s painful, we women love to experiment.

However, each of us, even if mixing types, there is one dominant. To define it is difficult. In this matter, experts recommend to focus primarily on the skin type.

I advise you to adopt the technology, which is now practiced in the salons of the selection of the color.

However, specialists in the Arsenal of a lot of scraps of fabric all conceivable shades.

Well, have you clothing and fabric with maximum number of variations of colors and shades: for this climb up your wardrobe, ask the help of friends, and can contact the Studio on tailoring – all of a sudden they have unnecessary patches.

Wash away all the makeup and skin, and with eyes and lips. Wrap your head with a white towel so that hair generally could not be seen. Sit in front of a mirror. Lighting should be as natural as possible, so as not to create distortion. And now start to apply to the face turns the cloth and see the effect.

The fact that the shades that you categorically do not fit, immediately affect the face: the skin looks paler, all the flaws are highlighted, circles and puffiness under the eyes are highlighted, and the color of eyes and lips fades.

When you get over all the colors, you have determined the shadesthat are most beneficial to combine with your natural abilities.

However, it is not necessary to dwell on any one color. If you will be dressed entirely in only one shade, you’ll look at best boring. Even colors that seem to many of us a win – win- grey, brown and black – “will repay” your looks are nothing if not diluted. The next step of the skill of working with colour is to learn them correctly to match.

I hope through this article you understand the General principles of how to choose the color of the clothes. Do not forget that the color of the clothes is a reflection of emotional state, so it’s important to you in your colours was comfortable.


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