How to choose the form of nails?

All women want to have a wonderful manicure. For this we need to consult a qualified master nail service. It is important to know that every manicure should start with a choice of nail shapes — here it is necessary to pay attention not only on the length of the fingers, but on the nail the Foundation and other details. In order to have a nice manicure, the girl in the first place to choose and buy her the nail shape.

Most popular nail shapes

Square shape

These nails are suitable for those girls who have long, thin fingers, quite narrow hands. With this form the length can be quite different.

Oval nails

This kind of combined with any different hands and fingers. This form is able to lengthen the fingers. Especially it is suitable short and full fingers, any length will look perfect.

How to make a beautiful design on oval nails video tutorial

Rounded shape

This type perfectly suits women with huge hands, broad palms and large fingers. This form looks perfect, if fingernails short (no more than 3 mm from the end of the finger).

Almond-shaped nails

This almond-shaped fit long and medium length fingers. It should be remembered that for this type of fingers should be fine. In this form of nail designs can be bright, fantastic, exotic, and most simple, classic.

How to choose the form of the nail hole

The nail hole is the most important element in the choice model. There is one important rule: if the nail hole with a round shape, and the shape of the nail should fit, if it is square, then the nails should be in the form of a square.

You should choose the form of a square when the nail bed very short and narrow. If on the contrary, the nail bed large and elongated, then you need to get accustomed to a square shape with slightly rounded edges.

If the nail bed is narrow, it is better to create an acute form. Almost any shape is suitable if the nail bed in the form of an oval.

Extravagant nail shapes

Nails classic shapes catch the eye every day, but some girls decided on a rather unusual model. Extravagant types are considered a form of stilettos, triangular peak, tubes-pipe.

These forms only if you decide on a nail. Long and sharpened fingernails it is possible to create gorgeous manicure with a marvelous painting, with a variety of decor and gorgeous compositions.

Nails shaped stiletto photo gallery

Let’s see what beauty you can create on your nails shape stiletto

The shape of the nails in the form of a tube Payp

Form Blade photo

Parker — beveled nails

Nails in the form of Ballerina photos

Nail form Age

But these forms there are some minor cons:

  • they cause discomfort when wearing them. For parties and celebrations – this is perfect but not for everyday life.
  • and one minus — not every girl will be able to give your nails a form at home. Therefore, she most likely will have to ask for help to the master.

Do not forget, a luxurious manicure is not only beautiful design, but also correctly shaped.

Nail design videos

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