How to choose the right jeans for the figure

Jeans is a universal clothing. They are men and women, youth and people of Mature age, slender and full. They go to discos, parties, theatre guests and in the office. In every woman’s wardrobe jeans are presented in several copies. However, as with any other clothing, jeans should be selected on the basis of their individual characteristics: it has found such a broad use of the thing is obliged to emphasize our strengths and smooth out flaws.

So today the website Stylish Chick wants to give you some tips, how to fit jeans on the figure.

Jeans are in harmony with the figure

Outset: modern designers in their collections have provided all possible shapes, so if you think that you jeans do not sew, this means that you don’t know how to choose jeans for your figure. You just have to find your style and the manufacturer.

Jeans and my body type

To begin to define, what type of your figure, and choose jeans based on this:

The “triangle”. The owners of this type of figure is characterized by wide hips, small chest and narrow shoulders. In this type of shape are advised to wear straight skinny high-waisted jeans: that you emphasize the presence of this waist and simultaneously distract attention from the massive thighs.

— “Inverted triangle”. Girls with this body type – escalatie, broad-shouldered. They will look good jeans with a low waist or on the hips – the hips visually expanded. Jeans should be loose or flared from the knees.

— Hourglass — body with perfectly proportioned Breasts, waist and hips. Such a figure is hard to mess up. Available to her wildest models – for example, narrow high-waisted jeans: this style will emphasize harmonious curves. If you for some reason don’t want to wrap legs, you can choose the model, flared from the knee – it will visually make the legs slimmer.

— “Rectangle“. As a rule, skinny, slightly boyish figure. They are characterized by the lack of clearly defined waist, and approximately the same ratio of the width of the hips and chest. An excellent option for “rectangular” skinny jeans “skinny”.

— “Oval”. Women of this type are wide in bones – they are distinguished by small Breasts in conjunction with wide hips and a wide waist. Flared from the hip will help to visually disguise the full hips.

— There is an option of jeans is universal for any shape and for any occasions – a kind of little black dress, but in the world of denim fashion. This model is called jeans style boyfriend. They fit the hips, and loose Trouser legs, and slightly expanded at the bottom.

So this is the basic concept of how to pick up jeans on the figure. Now a few words about the nuances.

How to hide some figure flaws with jeans?

— Low rise. If you’re not a different model of growth, avoid short models. Your choice of flared or straight models. In combination with heels you’ll look taller and slimmer.

— Excessive leanness. Choosing too baggy and wide models, you will further underline its subtle complexion. You go narrower or shorter model. Try also visually add volume, choosing light jeans.

— Wide hips. Avoid large pockets, and brightly highlighted finish on the buttocks. You should pay attention to flare from the hips – this model will visually pull the figure and eliminate the abrupt change in width. And drop models with high waist. Will look good with such characteristics of the shape of the artificial luminescence center of the leg.

— Flat buttocks. The lack of volume in this place will fix patch pockets, and a rear flared and tapered bananas.

— Short legs. Avoid models with low waist and tapered-leg. A high rise will visually add a few inches of length to your legs. Stripes – old proven way to visually stretch your legs, therefore, the longitudinal lines along side seams combined with high-heeled shoes to remedy the situation.

— Overall completeness. Delicious dumplings too can afford to wear jeans. The main rule here is not to choose between overly tight and too wide models. Everything should be in moderation: planting medium, and jeans are straight.

As you can see, the principles of how to pick up jeans on the figure, is quite simple. And a couple of tips. Jeans should be a good fit. It is necessary to work around a few shops and try on more than one option to find exactly what you patterns. Choose things that suit your figure, not because now the height of fashion is this model, or you liked how they look on the mannequin. And in your wardrobe jeans must be at least two, because they are the basic things.

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