How to choose the “right” length of skirt

Any shape can be effectively presented if correctly to pick up clothes. However, this rule applies in the opposite direction: bad outfit can ruin even a perfect body. When choosing a skirt, you should pay attention not only on style, but the length is an important component of the image. Only a few centimeters can distort proportions and undo all your effort on the selection of attire.

Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you how to choose the length skirts to the best way to demonstrate all the advantages of your figure.

Classification of skirts depending on the length

Before you choose the suitable length would be nice to figure out what skirts are.

— Micro – or ultra-mini. This opens the legs completely and leaves no room for imagination. To keep up appearances, choosing the skirt length, multiply your height by 0.18 – this will be the most suitable for you length: to wear a skirt shorter is already blatant provocation.

— A mini-skirt. This skirt opens legs, but not completely. Its length is equal to the index of your height multiplied by 0,3.

— Knee length skirt – its length is defined as the increase multiplied by 0,35.

MIDI-skirt. Its length falls within the interval from 0.4 to 0.55 parts of growth.

— And finally, the Maxi is a floor-length skirt, the length of which is equal to 0,62 x growth.

How to determine the correct length of the skirt

The length of skirts you should consider the following factors:

First, it is the proportions of the figure, i.e. the ratio of height and weight and how this weight is distributed in your body.

Secondly, you should consider what shoes and tights you’re going to wear this skirt – in fact their choice greatly affects the proportions.

Well and, thirdly, of course, need realistically to assess the shape of your feet. Opening your legs for everyone to see, you make them vulnerable from the prying eyes and, perhaps, discussion. This should be ready.

Long, slender legs without cellulite, stretch marks and spider veins – the dream of every woman. With those legs just a crime not to wear a mini. But how many can boast of such a gift? Mostly each of us has its faults, which tries to correct with the help of clothes.

There is a General, universal rule of choosing the length of skirts. Since the skirt we want it or not – draws horizontal line through our body and thereby focuses attention on a particular area, it ought to be the place was definitely worthy of attention. Why wear a mini skirt if you have full hips frankly? This length will accentuate this fact.

Similarly, if you have between your thighs a great distance (as they say, the tank will pass), too short skirt will make it visually even more.

We now turn to a more particular cases

Skirt length to mid-knee are the most feminine and best of all accentuate the beauty of the female figure. The way it is. However, this length simultaneously focuses its attention on the faults, so it is suitable only for flawless legs.

In addition, you can use a skirt of similar length, if you want to look business-like, more solid – in fact this length is the best fit to a strict dress code. Adding a skirt or a jacket or a blouse, you’ll be a real business lady.

If you have thigh long leg, should wear a skirt above the knees. The reverse situation – long lower leg compared to the thigh, we recommend you to prefer MIDI skirts and skirts up to the knees.

Tall and slender girls can wear skirts above the knees. In order to determine the best for you mini length, there is a simple technique that does not require any calculation: stand straight, put your hands at the seams; your skirt should end where the tip of your middle finger.

If you can not boast of high growth, it is best to avoid the extremes of wear as too short or too long skirts. Mid-length skirts combined with high heels and pantyhose of the same color will help you seem higher.

The winner of the slim, but too thin legs can easily correct this flaw if they give preference to bright tights and skirts with length above the knee.

Usually for ladies with excess weight characteristic a slender calf and too full hips. This deficiency can be hidden by wearing a skirt to the knee and emphasize the elegant ankle pumps heels.

A Maxi skirt deserve special attention:

First, they are almost all – except, as we have seen, too petite girls, and then if they want they can pick out any style.

Secondly, this season’s Maxi trend.

Well and, thirdly, in this age of permissiveness it is this length seems men are the sexiest. Apparently tired of flash everywhere – on the street, on TV, on the pages of Newspapers — naked parts of the female body.

However, few know how to choose the skirt length. It should also be able to wear it with dignity. After the internal feeling of comfort that gives you the clothes – is the main criterion of a properly sized wardrobe.

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