How to choose wedding dress

Men don’t understand what it means for women wedding. For any of us the day of the wedding is the most important thing in life. And, of course, you want to in this day everything was perfect – especially the bride herself. Therefore, in some fundamental issues, for example, how to choose a wedding dress, can not be wrong. If you’re married, this article is for you. The most important thing is to choose a future husband, and with the selection of dresses website Stylish Stuff will help you!

What to consider when choosing wedding dresses

1. Color

Fashion color wedding dresses now more than ever affordable. Classic wedding dress color is white. However, even within it there are variations. For example, you can select whether it is a pearl tint or pure white. Shades of white are good for those with pale pink skin. It is possible to choose variations on a theme of beige color, such as champagne, color of baked milk, ivory is especially suitable for dark-skinned brides. With this dress you still will not lose its concept – it is visually perceived as white.

Now a very popular wedding dresses pink or blue tint. Just choose soft, pastel colors, unless you want to play the wedding in the spirit of Barbie and Ken.

However, manufacturers of wedding dresses have tried to accommodate all possible tastes. In the wedding salons you can find red, blue, and yellow, and even purple dress.

2. Length

In General women traditionally choose for wedding long dress. The logic usually is that in standard models of dresses you’ll be for the rest of my life, and a wedding is the opportunity to feel like a fairy Princess, which came her Prince to get to the Palace on a white horse (well, let it be a limousine). So I want to look suitable occasion.

However, this is only your day, so you have to decide. Among the short dresses , there are lots of good styles that will look no less than gorgeous. Short dress – choice women who do not want to endure the inconvenience, even for a day. Of course, what can I say – short skirt is much more practical lush crinoline.

There is an option-a compromise: dress 2 in 1. Under the long hem concealed short skirt. So after the ceremony and photo shoot when it came to feasts and dances, you have a natural motion to throw a long skirt, which turns into a sexy mini!

3. Style

The most important thing in his choice to match his girl’s dream of Cinderella’s dress with the realities of your figure.

We are quite sure that you thought how to choose the wedding dress, even as a little girl, long before cherished proposals hands and hearts. Of course, for many years, your performance has varied, but certainly the overall image is preserved. In any case, it would be nice, so you were about what you want. We’re going to run a short rundown on the most popular models of wedding dresses:

— A-line. This is perhaps the most common style of wedding dress. Fitted bodice A-shaped dress gently flared at the hem. He emphasizes the waist, hides the fullness of the hips (especially if you extend the bottom hem with rings podobnik), it looks very solemnly and magnificently. For sewing dresses in this style, well suited silk, organza, satin.

— Ball gown. What girl didn’t dream? It consists of a corset and a fluffy skirt with a crinoline or petticoat variety. By the way, contrary to the misconception of many, it is this dress with corset is a great way to hide the fullness or “interesting” position of the bride. Perhaps the only drawback of this style is its disadvantage – it is extremely difficult to perform ordinary movements with grace and elegance.

Ballroom dresses are suitable for almost any fabric. Sometimes the dress’s bodice is decorated with embroidery that makes the dress even more luxurious and festive.

— The Empire. This is a very popular model. She is absolutely everything and at times produces an even greater effect than crinolines. Especially this style is recommended for those who can not boast of a big bust – high waist and embellished with embroidery and lace bodice make the Breasts bigger. Drop-down hem dress will hide a problem tummy or full hips will make you visually slimmer. And the cable will look no less majestically than a skirt. For dresses Empire use a very light flowing fabric, for example satin.

— For owners, ensuring a perfect fit will fit tight dress. If it seems too concise, you can choose a version with a train. And for the most daring brides will fit a long slit, exposing her leg. Are sewn like dresses, usually made of thin materials, and not stretching, so they should sit on the body like a glove.

This is the most popular, but not the last options of styles of wedding dresses. If you want to look totally unusual, you can choose a wedding jumpsuit, Trouser suit or an ultra-short dress. The main thing that you feel in your outfit the most compelling, most beautiful and most elegant.

4. Where to get

In this question all depends on your budget and priorities.

In General there are 3 options:

— Buy a new or used car. It seems like the most logical way. The choice of wedding salons is huge. You can pre-study the range on the Internet, pick your favorite model and go “sighting”. Just be prepared for the fact that the very first “direct hit” likely excluded. You need to measure, select, and again to measure.

— Make to order. Exclusive is always appreciated. At least you can be sure the second bride will not be. However painfully expensive and troublesome thing. If you decide to take this step, be ready to ride fitting and put a round sum of money for the result.

— To rent. This is for practical. On the one hand, you’re essentially save – hire a wedding dress is 10% to half its value. In addition, after the wedding, you will pass it to the salon, and you won’t have to headache about what it takes polshkafa. But the memory will remain only pictures. In addition, not everyone can accept the fact that her dress someone already wore.

I hope that now the question is, how to choose a wedding dressfor you at least a little cleared, and you have already made a plan of action for its acquisition. So take a companion best friend, have patience and good humor – and go! And we wish you to be most compelling in this remarkable day for you!


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