How to combine colors in clothes

The ability or inability to combine colors in clothes means whether your outfit is bright or gaudy, elegant, boring, vulgar, or playful. This quality depends, will you look in your clothing is organic or if rented it will highlight whether it is your dignity or completely neutralizes them. The ability to choose the colors that are most suitable for your type of appearance, and to combine them properly is a very valuable skill. Some lucky women, this intuition is given at birth. But this does not mean that it is impossible to develop.

Today our website is going to explain to you how to combine colors in clothes to make them work for you instead of against.

The scientific approach

There are three main approaches to the combination of colors:

1. Monochromatic color combination. This approach involves selecting one color as the base, the main. In the wardrobe is used all the variety of its possible shades – pale and bright, dark and light. The greater the number of shades used, the more interesting the result.

For example, if we take as a basis the color red, you can play with shades of pink, Burgundy, scarlet, etc. This combination is also called nuanced.

2. Achromatic color combination. Taken for the base black, white and gray. Why are they? Because they go together absolutely with any other colors.

You can use those colors, which is the soul, in order to place in his outfit of bright colour. To achieve this goal by using a belt, scarf, jewelry.

How you would use these colors in your wardrobe depends on your figure and preferences.

3. A complimentary combination of colors. This approach is for creative people, bold and imaginative, not afraid of experiments. It involves the combination of contrasting colors. There are three contrasting color pairs: red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange.

Of course, it is not necessary to approach the choice of these colors too literally. Do not forget that each of them has a lot of different shades and tones. Nobody forbids you to replace the yellow and purple combination, for example, pale lilac and light brown.

To choose what the principle of selection of colors conforms better to your nature, and follow them.

Unspoken rules of combining colors

Theory – theories. But besides these, there are still a lot of nuances that also need to be considered.

1. The outfit is not accepted to combine the more than 3 basic colors. It is an axiom. Unless of course your plans do not include giving yourself the similarities with bright tropical bird, stick to this rule. This is the main color – it occupies about 75% of the total space, and the other two for 15 and 10%.

2. Surely you’ve heard that there are cold and warm colors. What does it mean? Cold colors are blue, blue, green and intermediate shades. They have a blue base. Warm – red, orange, yellow and transitional colors, for example blue-violet, blue-green. They are based on yellow.

However, each of these colors has its own shades, and they can be cold or warm. Universal rule: cold colors are combined with cool and warm with warm.

3. Many think a win-win situation to dress in one color – a matter of combinations is removed by itself. However, this strategy is very dangerous. There is no color, dressed with head to toe, you will look spectacular. Dressed in black – will be similar to Georgian widow. White – a bottle of milk. Pink – on-overripe Barbie.

Choose some bright color, such as yellow, red – even dangerous: to others you will turn into a bright obtrusive glare, like a sunbeam, which continually creeps into his eyes, as if you did not turn away from him. So try to use your image at least 2 colors.

4. The lower part of the garment is the main. Choosing a skirt or pants with the shirt, remember: the bottom needs to be brighter than the top. Eye-catching blouse with wild print + black pants – a much more stylish combination than a plain top and some leopard print pants.

5. White shirt is a basic item in any wardrobe. It can be combined with all colors, it is suitable for any age, occasion and looks.

Try on

In addition to these rules, you must remember that each shade carries some information. In addition, colors should be chosen according to the principle of “like/dislike” and on the principle of “suitable for my appearance or not.” Illustrate with specific examples.

Red – the color of passion. Well-suited jet-black brunettes. Goes well with black, blue and white. This color love confident girls who are not afraid to be the center of attention.

Yellow – for sensitive and dreamy nature. Suitable for brunettes who belong to the type of Winter. Black, aubergine and light blue – perfect neighbors for the yellow color.

Green goes and blondes, and brunettes – it all depends on his shades. And it’s the most popular color for redheads. Goes well with shades of brown, with silver-gray color. The green color is perceived positively by most people because it is associated with grass, young leaves in General, with nature.

The color blue also claim universality, depending on the shade. Classic deep blue is usually recommended fair-skinned blondes. Red, white, yellow and grey are a good combination for blue. Blue color is pleasing to the eye and has a calming effect.

Of course, the modern fashion is very democratic approach to the Short haircuts winter 2019 (1)of combinations. Designers combine their models in 4 colors, use a bold and provocative ensembles. But wondering how to combine colors in your clothing, you should be guided with the sense of comfort and inner harmony that inspires you color scheme. Focus on your intuition and innate sense of beauty. And of course, do not neglect our advice!

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