How to create your image

We never get a second chance to make a first impression, says the proverb. People usually have no time to delve into your rich inner world with his to understand. Therefore, throwing you a fleeting glance, they have already mentally made a conclusion about what you are a success or a failure; confident or clamped; outgoing or withdrawn, etc. Between “be” and “seem”, actually, not much of a difference.

Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you how to create your image in such a way to carry around the information about yourself that you wish to convey.

The English word image means “reflection”, “image”. It’s kind of odd. Admit it, no, even the most flattering mirror will not reflect instead of you angelina Joules. Ie your external reflection must correspond to your inner self. And, thank God, each of us, including Angelina Joules, attractive primarily for its uniqueness. Thus, the objective of any image is the brightest underline your advantages – both internal and external, and careful masking of faults.

So you decided to engage seriously in his image. A logical question arises: where to start? First of all, determine what caused this decision. Surely there is some emotional impulse that has prompted you to think about it. Suppose you knew that your career is not moving – you don’t commit a serious job, despite the fact that you’ve become a qualified professional and ready to work.

Now we should analyze why. Perhaps the fact that you’re in meetings sitting quieter water below the grass, and the user is simply not able to see your zeal. And maybe your plush backpacks and glamorous dresses with ruffles not allow you to see in you a Pro? Realizing that you interfere with the attainment of the cherished goal, you can understand in which direction you should work.

So, you’ve decided that your goal is to create the image of a serious, responsible and professional employee. Now define what needs to be done to manifest to others that way. To start a change of image is necessary with the clothes. Think about looking at yourself in the mirror: what your clothes say about its owner? She characterizes you in the eyes of other people? What would you like from her? And if you plan to have a career, wear business suits and not jeans and sneakers. And if you want to build a serious relationship, get dressed feminine, but not vulgar.

Clothing should be properly accented by the accessories and details. In the process of image formation, it is not necessary to give yourself descent: first you work on the image, then the image is you. One insignificant detail can sometimes ruin the entire image. So pay close attention to detail. This should take into account to whom this information will she find the recognition you are interested in contingent. For example, someone on an expensive pen will make a conclusion about you as a respectable business person, and someone just did not pay attention to it.

The image creation is no easy matter. It is hard work and constant self-control. If you want to obtain a new result, have to do something that wasn’t necessary to do. After the man threw you a quick glance to cover your image as a whole and making an impression, he will focus on what and how you speak. Thus, the following point of how to create your image — work on it. If you want to be a leader, you most likely can not do without public speaking skills. Struggling with self-doubt – learn to speak slower, louder and clearer. Tend to be female – maybe I should add my voice languor? In General, at this point – it all depends on your goals and objectives.

Next, you modify the behavioral aspect. However, it started already at the stage of work on appearance. You’ve already noticed, like the clothes, the hair, the makeup we possess and downright forced to behave differently? You should climb out from sneakers to stiletto heels and that your gait is already elegant in it there is a touching fragility, you feel more attractive. Wearing a business suit that perfectly fits you, you feel that your movements become more confident, posture is the greater. However, this will not be enough. You need to keep in mind the image that you want to fit in. Probably, it seems insanely difficult to constantly straighten themselves: no fuss, keep your back straight all the time, smile, etc. But really it’s just a matter of habit.

In the process of formation of own image, it is very tempting to go the way of emulation authority. On the one hand it’s a good idea to learn from any decent people. However, there is nothing sadder than a blind imitation and attempts to walk in the footsteps of the way of someone else. Always remember: you have your own destiny, and it is unique. Don’t ever stop listening to my intuition: its place in shaping our life scenario is difficult to overestimate. It is the heart that will tell you not stumble if you’re not turned with its tracks in an attempt to match externally imposed on you ideals.

And yet – don’t be afraid to be different. In life there is no stability. Constantly changing priorities, circumstances, values. Therefore, be flexible. The image is not frozen for many years the mask but a reflection of your multi-faceted personality. In different conditions it is necessary to behave differently. And if you’re a business woman, no one bothers you at home to become a caring mother and gentle wife, or to have fun with friends till you drop on weekends.

The moral is: everyone (not just the superstars who hire specially trained people) should think about how to create your image. The image creation is primarily a process of continuous improvement, the purpose of which is the formation of a harmonious personality, happy with themselves and their relationships with others.