How to curl hair

We all want from time to time to change their way to look fresh and attractive. And we begin, typically, with the hair. And if you add to that the fact that we are always under time pressure, we usually require fast and effective methods of influence on our appearance. So today the website Stylish Stuff will teach you how to curl your hair, thus drastically but reversibly changing its appearance.

The first thing I want to say about this: a quick result is impossible without the use of thermal effects. So do not neglect special means to moisturize the hair and protect them from drying out.


Quick result and low cost ways to Express iron

1. Curler is perhaps the most popular and affordable method of hair Curling. The producers made sure to save time for the fans of this ancient method of hair styling and created a hot rollers. Now it is not necessary to sleep, Curling the hair on the uncomfortable bobbin, as did our mothers and grandmothers. Enough to throw curlers in a pot of water and let them boil. Then carefully pull the curler turns that they did not have time to cool in the process of Curling. Tighten curls in curlers and leave for 15-20 minutes. After that, take off hair, trying to keep the curl intact – bouncy curls ready!

Another, more modern alternative from the same Opera are electric rollers. They do not need to boil, and then, risking to burn their fingers, in and out of hot water. They are placed in a special sarcophagus, heat up in just a few minutes, and the principle of operation is similar to hot rollers.

2. Irons. This device allows to perky curls without much effort and time. Their range is enormous, and the manufacturers strongly attract buyers, giving their product a variety of functions. There are Curling irons, endowed with the mode of ionization to protect the hair from drying out. Widespread device with a ceramic coating, in order to neutralize static electricity. Some plates have the ability to choose temperature mode. Others have a socket set. In General, the negative effect on the hair trying to minimize.

Curling allows you to tighten the hair from roots to ends. More delicate than curly you want to get, the smaller the diameter of the nozzle have to choose .The thinner the strand, the clearer the structure will have a curl. Just keep in mind that it is impossible to curl wet hair is very traumatic for them.

Take strand of hair and fix it with clamp at the tip. Next, tighten it to the roots. Lock is to keep the forceps 10 to 30 seconds – but no more. When you release the tongs, let the strands to cool a little, holding her hand. And then fix the curl with hairspray.

3. The hair straightener. Yes, sounds paradoxical. It would seem that as quickly as possible to curl your hair with a device having the opposite purpose? However, it may here be amiss. Of course, Curling “the petty demon” we do not promise, but to receive a graceful wave or give the curls volume with its help it is possible. Of course, this method requires some skill, but if you get hand, the desired hairstyle is obtained quickly and easily. In addition, some models of irons allow you to style damp hair, which significantly speeds up the process of Curling.

This is done like this: you record a pad at the base of the strands, make one turn of hair around the hair straightener and move it towards the ends. Voila – an elegant wave ready!

4. Absolutely analogous to pressing option – use of Hairdryer and brushes. You can create art on the head is a mess, using different diameter brushes and creating curls respectively different degrees of “twist”.

So when you have a question, how to curl your hair, use any of the proposed techniques. But remember that to get involved in such things should not be – after all, any effect of high temperatures contributes to their health.

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