How to decorate a girl’s dress

Every self-respecting mother want her daughter looked elegant. But not everyone can afford to buy his baby 365 dresses to change them every day. However,the website Stylish Thing I am sure – and don’t! It is enough to show a little creativity and spend a little time. Every woman can give originality to even the most modest dress or to breathe new life with the help of simple techniques already in overexposed clothes.

How to decorate a girl’s dress — that is the subject of our today’s article.

The most simple ways

Will give you a tip: involve your daughter in the process of your craft. First, you develop your own skills and imagination, bring to her sense of beauty. Secondly, it is a lovely joint project that will help you better understand each other, learn to interact.

Among other things, the decoration of the dresses with their hands gives them the exclusivity that sets them apart from the General background by their individual “life.” A sense of uniqueness also plays an important role in the development of the worldview of the child.

So, what can you advise of creative mothers to create original trim dress your little Princess?

How to become a personal designer for her daughter

Funny pictures

Bright of an application has always been loved by children. What could be easier than decorating a plain bodice dress girls cute butterfly, flower, lush, delicious with fruit or your favorite cartoon character? The range of applications in the store is very wide, the technology application is simple as the chocolate you can shove a hot iron or to sew with thread on the edge.

By the way, this is a great way to disguise a hole or stain in a prominent place and dress don’t have to throw, and will look new.

The novelty in this area – 3-D application: they are called trapunto. Look like three-dimensional image and very loved by crumbs.


Time –needle, two — needle

Among the applications if you did not choose, but you are good with a needle and thread, you can easily create an original drawing itself. It all depends on your imagination and skills. Can use ready-made schemes for embroidery can come up with something unique. Embroidery is a great way to cover up a defect that emerged in the garment due to its not very neat socks.

The side – bow

Ribbon and lace – best friends girls. Sometimes it is enough to tie the waist of the beautiful silk ribbon, and even the most modest dress would look more elegant. In addition, with the help of laces you can make the finish of the sleeves, the gate or the hem of the dress.

If you caught a school uniform, you probably remember how your mom sewed you her collar and naukanski. Why not adopt this practice? Especially now that the same technology can create a more luxurious effect – benefit that lace, ribbons and other decorations in stores is more than enough.

Gold and diamonds

In the case of your daughter – rhinestones, beads and sequins. Kids love shiny things, so decorating girl dress a beautiful ornament made using the above tools, you will give her the opportunity to feel like a fairy Princess. And you don’t even need to buy a finishing material in the store – enough to dissolve your old beads, or finally put to the expense of those a long time ago are you in the bins homeland and waiting for a fix.

You can sheathe so the neckline to make a pattern on the bodice, and you can decorate the ribbon that ties the waist. Aerobatics – similarly decorate the shoes to make a stylish ensemble.

Here’s paint, here is the brush!

There is a beautiful thing – a special environmentally friendly paint for painting on fabric. Give her daughter a joint session of painting! You can purchase stencils to paint, or unleash the imagination. We are confident that this joint work will satisfy your little girl, and created masterpieces together will join the list of her favorite things.


Young office

If you wanted something more brutal for his daughter, than the endless butterflies and thingies, you can enjoy features such as zippers, large buttons, locks. Position the original on the dress zipper faux row of buttons, the buttons, and you will create a completely unique look.

For the older girls suitable pins and even paperclips – make sure probability to prick them was minimal.

Crazy stick

Nothing can so transform a stylish dress, than any of the author’s decoration. To create it you can use anything you like – suitable lace, and feathers, and artificial flowers, and colorful pieces of cloth: the possible options are limited only by your imagination.

Only better result obtained sewn to the dress, not make out in the form of brooches: so the girl will be much more convenient to wear the decoration.

Our mom was very creative in how to decorate dresses for girls – indeed, in Soviet times of shortages and egalitarianism as best they could out of the situation. Now everything is much simpler, so this process can not turn into a duty, dictated by need, and in a truly joint pastime or hobby.