How to determine human health to nails

Every day people are doing something with your hands: write, wash, washing, cleaning, eating, repairing, and so on. But not all people pay attention to your hands, especially nails. But they can tell a lot about the human body, even what is suspected to be involved, for example, internal latent diseases. This article describes how to “read” nails your body in order to help him. If you have a skin problem, what to do here.

Healthy and strong nails are a light peach, with a slightly pink tint and the right shape, if you see any changes in your nails, then read carefully this article in order you were able to detect the disease in advance.

Changes in the colors of your nails, indicate that there are problems with health.

  • So, if you have a bluish tinge to the fingernails, it is more likely to have lung problems, or even asthma.
  • But if there are blue stripes, then this is evidence of skin cancer.
  • Allergy and diabetes, they become completely colorless.
  • But if the nails are white, it indicates about liver disease.
  • With white spots, you can say that you have kidney disease or heart.
  • With an insufficient amount of keratin in your body, the rims of your nails turn white.
  • If nails purchased yellow, it indicates a sickness inside you, like diabetes.

The shape of the nails can also tell you about problems in your body. If your nails have vertical stripes, you need a little boost immunity, since it is a bit reduced, these strips also evidence that insufficient iron and zinc.

With a shortage of vitamin B12, nails become thin and break easily. After any hormonal disorders, your nails can become broad and square, with disease of the respiratory tract, they become ridged and bumpy.

Besides all this, the nails will help you to tell not only about health problems but about the body as a whole. So, when there is insufficient amount of protein and calcium, the nails are very thin and brittle. The previously mentioned grooves can show you that your body’s not enough vitamin b, which helps you to keep the nails in order, and giving them a natural color.

It is worth mentioning that this is all intended for self-control, more care should be checked by a doctor. If you carefully keep track of your nails and learn them to read, the greater the likelihood that you’ll give the disease to advance in time and refer to the experts that will help you.