How to do a manicure for Valentine’s day

I present to you a manicure for Valentine’s day — 5 master classes with step by step pictures and videos. Such a beautiful nail design can be done not only on Valentine’s day. He will decorate any holiday manicure. The author of the ideas of the French manicure is Tartofraises nail art.

How to do a manicure for Valentine’s day — 5 ways

This nail design with hearts made with a conventional tape.

Apply it on the nails a light base. You can make a shiny gradient manicure.

Of tape cut out the shape of a heart and glue on the nail.

Paint bright red lacquer.

On another nail varnish draw a heart.

The second nail is also covered with a colourless varnish.

And on not dried up nail glue with a special foil for nails red.

Remove the duct tape.

Draw edges with black paint.

Apply a top coating.

Original manicure for Valentine’s day ready!

Nails painted for Valentine’s day

Apply a light Foundation.

And using acrylic paint and thin brush draw on the nail hearts.

Top apply top coating.

Glue rhinestones.

Next, cut the duct tape in the shape of a heart.

Glue on the nail.

Put in the middle, white lacquer, the edges red.

Apply the glitter.

Remove the tape.

Thin brush draw edge.

The dots do dots in black and white.

On the heart to apply the gel.

Dry in UV lamp for 2-3 minutes.

Further on the technology of Chinese painting, draw the flowers.

Very beautiful manicure for Valentines day

The original French on Valentine’s day

So, a little strict but stylish design will fit we can help you black-and-white.

The classic French manicure decorate with hearts black.

The smile line with a thin brush apply silver varnish.

Attach rhinestones.

Our manicure with hearts ready!

Striped nail design with hearts

On the nails apply a light pink background and white paint with long brush-drawn strips.

On three nails with red paint, draw the hearts.

On the little finger draw red stripes and draw little hearts, as in the photo.

Turns out this is not difficult, but the bright manicure for Valentine’s day.

Pedicure for Valentine’s day

Why not decorate the nails on the foot? It is also very beautiful!

Covered red nail varnish and apply on the diagonal white stripes.

Then decorate the nails with glitter and small shiny hearts. Such ready-made stickers you can buy in any store for nail art.

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