How to do a manicure on Halloween 2019

How to do a manicure on Halloween? We need a nail bloody and “bluish” colors, e.g., red, blue, brown and black. They must not contain mother-of-pearl, and sparkles to the manicure turned out more believable as possible. Also, we need false nails. You can buy the simple and cheap, since they still won’t be visible under the covering. As for glue, you must choose for yourself how you want to leave your manicure.

If you have the Halloween night, you can use the glue that comes bundled with fake nails. If you want longer impress others — choose a quality and expensive glue. How to do a manicure on short nails, please click here.

How to do a manicure for Halloween — see the video at end of article

Don’t do in front of such a design manicure, as your efforts may be in vain. Better to do it after you clean the nail surface and cuticles from nail Polish.

How to do a manicure on Halloween

So, let’s nail design in the style of Halloween. To start on your nails has to be some kind of coating, such as beige. It is desirable that it was gel Polish. It will not damage your nail design.

Besides, you can find beige false nails. Ensure that their shade matches your coverage.

1. Prepare false nails. Pick up each nail to fit your and to file giving the shape of your nails. If patch is present in the nail design that you like, you can cut it from the top.

Do not use acetone as this will damage the invoice nail. Next, you need to select which nail you will create the effect of broken nails. It can be your thumb and middle finger.

So now tweezers make cuts on these false nails. You can make one cut in the middle, and two on the edges. The main thing — not to cross to the end.

2. Prepare your nails. Nail file and treat the surface of those nails that are “broken”. They should be slightly rough. So the fake nails will stick better. Other nails are also treated with a nail file, but not so intense and make scratches.

3. Degrease the nails with liquid or white vinegar. Pay special attention to the large and middle finger.

4. Proceed to varnishing. Start with those nails, the effect of roughness. Cover them with red varnish, but not completely. Can’t you paint over the tip. Don’t be afraid to be messy, this manicure will be good. For the same reason, can go under the cuticle.

Brown walk from the base to the middle on top of red to the portion of the nail was more like blood. Blue color zone at the base. This site will be visible via a press-on nail, so it needs to resemble a bruise.

5. The skin around all nails (approximately phalanx) is painted with red varnish. It should be naturally, that is not necessary to achieve smooth edges. Brown take a walk straight down the cuticle, repeating the shape of the nail, to achieve realism.

6. Paint over the brown base of the other nails. In blue, draw a line near the cuticle. Add a little black, but only in some places.

7. Cover scratches that you did while preparing design, black lacquer and immediately wipe off with a cotton pad. Some paint will remain on the scratch, and you will get the effect as if you just dug the ground.

8. Take fan brush and brush strokes, apply black and brown Polish on the tips of the nails (all except large and medium).

9. Stick false nails to your desired fingers. To do this, apply a little glue and slip and your fingernail. On the nails again paint on “Gore” near the base, making the line uneven.

Add red and brown paint in the cracks and edge chips, select black lacquer. After that can go fan-shaped brush with brown and black lacquer at the tips of these nails.

10. In conclusion, paint the area under the fingernails brown varnish.

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