How to dress during pregnancy

The expectation of the child – a difficult, though very joyful period in a woman’s life. The question how to dress during pregnancyare certainly not primary, but important. After all, we all want to look attractive in any situation. If a woman feels elegant and stylish, it is much easier to endure the difficulties of the “interesting” position. Besides, most pregnant lead active lifestyle. After all, pregnancy is not a disease: future moms, like all other people, go to work, shopping, meeting with friends and visiting restaurants and the cinema. So, like it or not, and meet it!

This article the website Stylish is dedicated to women who, while preparing for pregnancy, want to look good and to dress according to his position.

How to dress during pregnancy: the basic rules

Today there are specialized stores for pregnant women, so choose clothes simply. The main criterion: in the first place, convenience, on the second.

— During this period, how ever you should prefer natural fabrics. Cotton, linen, wool should be your best friends during pregnancy. Because pregnant women have aggravated the feelings and reactions of the body, the artificial materials can cause irritation, allergies, stimulate excessive sweating.

— Most importantly, clothing should not cause discomfort in the abdomen to pinch it, to RUB, etc. the Best clothing – boxy fit that gently hugs the rounded tummy, not to pull him, or falls in loose gathers.

— The quality should be more important than quantity. You’d better buy yourself a few things, but in size, comfortable and beautiful. In the end, the pregnancy, like everything else in this life ever is, so to wear them you will have very little crime.

Don’t get excessive savings. Many women think: I’d better save myself, and the money will be spent on the child. And in the end to the last attempt to squeeze into things that they wear in the usual, “not pregnant” life. This is bad, and the ugly. And if you decided to reduce costs, better summon already have their friends.

Sure, among your acquaintances there are certainly those who would like to share with you my things, remaining after pregnancy. Such clothing is unlikely to be tired – she just has no time to lose.

By the way, you can “profit” in the wardrobe of her husband. Take him a couple of sweaters and shirts – you’ll fit like a glove. It is unlikely that he will mind.

Do not neglect the fashion. Many future moms are embarrassed of their situation, and therefore, wrapped in a shapeless things, trying to be as unobtrusively as possible. Believe me, pregnancy is attractive. So, do not think that all the General rules of selection of clothes for pregnant women someone canceled.

Formed closet

Basic principles clear. We now turn to the specifics. What things should be in the wardrobe of a woman expecting a child?

Splurge and on a business suitif you work in an office. In special shops it is possible to find a model for a pregnant business lady. Your appearance at work needs to say that your situation does not interfere with the efficient performance of their duties. You’re after the decree is still to come back here, remember?

Let you have will dress made of fine knit, that you can pull on the 3rd and 9th month.

For pregnant women is very relevant models of overalls on the hook-closure, buckles, rivets, etc., from which it is possible to adjust the size. This is a very functional model that will serve you throughout the pregnancy.

Be sure to get a couple of loose trousers or leggings and lace-up design. Such models also allow you to adjust the size.

Dresses, tops, tunics choose high waist – this style tightens the tummy, and looks very touching on pregnant.

Don’t forget that houses need to look at 100. So buy yourself a loose tracksuit or a special homemade costumes for pregnant women. And of course get some free robes.

The important role played by the choice of underwear. During pregnancy you should forget about the guipure, lace and other synthetics. It is better to prefer cotton underwear.

Making the choice between stockings and tights, it is preferable to choose the stockings – they don’t compress the belly. Although there are special tights for pregnant women, and some prefer to wear them.

A separate word should be said about shoes. Swelling of the feet – the constant companion of pregnancy. So ready, that you have to buy shoes slightly larger than you usually wear. Of course, you should forget about stiletto heels. The optimal type of shoes for you – on the low (2-3 cm) wedge heel, soft, steady, no buckles, hook-closure, zippers, etc. (the farther, the harder it will be to bend over to fasten them).

Knowing how to dress during pregnancy, you can look for all these joyful 9 months, feminine, attractive and charming.